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Sapphira gives a flawless demonstration of how a beautiful young lady should pose in a short dress when not wearing any knickers. Love pictures #2 and #3 where the wind has just lifted Sapphira's dress enough for us to see her pussy. Delightful girl, great photos.

What great smiles and expressions!! Very sexy lady.

Beautiful model. But, I'm curious about the scar. I don't get disgusted by them, but I don't think they are part of beauty either. Especially if self inflicted. Seeing the scar raises a lot of questions in my mind. Reason being, is I've seen a lot of models with similar scars in that area. My guess either to do with some form of ovarian surgery.
I even once saw a model with a scar on her back or near her spine. I'm guessing these are all surgery scars. But, to think they could possibly be related to some form of abuse in their past, is a thought I get upset over.

Now for the compliments. First of all she loves Fantasy world reading, I am such a sucker for that kind of stuff, Game of Thrones, etc. One thing that first strikes me about Sapphira A's beauty, is her face. The full toothy grinning smile she gives, and when she puckers her bottom lip looks so juicy. Her deep and glowing brown eyes and the outline of dark eyelashes, and her long black hair. The next would be her cute tushy. I'll admittedly say I'm a breast man too, but there are other attributes to a woman that also make her beautiful. Personally, even though I like nudity, I always look at the uniqueness of a woman's facial beauty. And Sapphira A stands out.
I'm also into navels, but I see so often models with piercings and jewelery covering them. To some it may seem to be pretty, but, I like the shape and curve of a belly button on a girls tummy. The view of it, even obstructed by the most beautiful jewel IMO isn't worth it.

Beauty wise, other than breasts, she reminds me a lot of Jenya D

OMG! the way she lifted her leg made part of me lift up! so sexy! she is the perfect combination of face and body, that smile, those eyes, that ass. she's my nonstop fantasy

Absolutely stunning! Superb set in every way. Sapphira is one of the most beautiful models on the site. No wonder she is in a lot of favorites lists here and has even graced the MA home page.

Thank you Met-Art for one incredibly beautiful Christmas present !

I'm wondering if that pink outfit that makes a brief appearance is a stray shot from another set. Not that it matters. What an angel!

Actually it's a nice shot, Stray or not. Sapphira looks great nude dressed or anywhere in between!

I don't know what it is, and I'm sure I'm gonna be alone on this one, but I've always found Sapphira's trademark crocodile smile to be slightly unnerving, so it is good to see more sets with variances of her facial expressions.

Unnerving, I like that use of words; I like the way Sapphira has a trademark as you say, she has not so many teeth as crocodile, most thankfully. She is a variance from the normal run of the mill Women which display thier attributes upon these sites. Women of a steam she is.... can not get enough of her.... unnerving? is that not which releases harmones, adreline, and other exciting juices into the central nerves system?

Thanks for coming back to this and sharing your thoughts. I just love what you did at the end there. Well played! Yes, she certainly does get the heart racing, adrenaline pumping and the juices flowing, that's for sure! ;-)

Crocodile smile? It must be your feminine intuition cause us guys are to blinded by her beauty to see it!

Which is exactly what she wants! Doug understands what I mean. In earlier sets she smiled too much and too often. It looked a little forced and unnatural to me, like she was putting it on. Her smile did not match the body language of her eyes. In psychology, they call this incongruity. I could tell she wasn't thinking what she would otherwise have us believe with that smile, that is why I found it slightly unnerving and call it her crocodile smile. She is getting better, though. She looks more approachable now that she's started to tone it down a bit.

My first reply did not include this review, I have considered all now and must agree with you Alyssa, approachable, encompasses her most new display.....

I agree with Alyssa and Doug. What is missing is the "zygomatic smile": a true smile, which cannot be faked. Sapphira's smile, as stunningly beautiful as it is, isn't quite hitting the cheekbones and the corners of the eyes.

But who cares, right? Sapphira is totally gorgeous, no matter what!

Sapphira has one of Met Art's prettiest smiles.

Yes, definitely one of my favourites. She is wonderful!

What a lovely smile this lovely lady has; and such nice puffies and a bubble butt! The ear rings might be a bit elaborate but there is something appealing about them.

Luca: a bit of preparation would have kept the bird doo doo off of Sapphira's feet.

I wonder who chooses the picture on the model's bio page? Such a stern look for Sapphira when she has such a radiant smile.

They ought to use 117. That facial portrait is suitable for framing!

yessssss. always happy to see my love. she will make my christmas very merry! love you sapphire!

Just when you thing Sapphira can't possibly be more beautiful, she turns out a set like this. Incredible. Every photo a 10. She is a goddess. One of MetArt's genuine miracles.

And she is not from the Ukraine? She sure looks it though!

Ahhh Sapphira A, In my opinion one of the most beautiful women alive! It's not merely physical beauty, It's the way she presents herself to us. Happy to share her beauty, Happy to be admired and appreciated by us mere mortals. Proud of herself and justly so. It would be a sin to hide these god given treasures from the world. We are so lucky that she blesses us with such joy and enthusiasm. Each time I see a new set I can't wait to see what she has created for us this time.

Thank you Sapphira and Luca for a wonderful Christmas present!

OhBoy! I get to be the first to post about how incredibly lovely Sapphira is all over, and that wonderfull smile pulls it all together. Also she is still resisting pueeing cover-up on the scar on the left side of her stomach. That just emphasizes her beauty

I meant putting of course*

I thought you were inventing new words in your excitement ;-)

Not editing out or covering up the scar or the dark freckle on her pubic mound just shows that Sapphira is a REAL woman. I wouldn't want to see her any other way.

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