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Whether or not this set is airbrushed, sapphira's smile is piercing and confident. It is refreshing to see a woman so confident in her own skin. I never comment on here, I feel I should today. Thanks met art/ sapphira for displaying a gorgeous example of beauty. Oh and Doug, scar or not, shaved or not she still looks amazing!

Sapphira is one of the most beautiful women. What a smile and the body is just rock hard...

Sapphira, derived from old latin, old french and old german, equals Sapphire, from dictionary, presious stone, hard in texture, well said has she chosen or been given the name. She is lustrious in her smile, radiant eyes, and firm body.
Her upper torso is supreme refinement, her lower torso is mighty in strenght, once captured she will not turn loose.........

Sexy gal..no offense to model but she would look very sexy in Hustler:)(pervie me)

Hustler is still around!!??

I have just realized what you probably meant Doug, when you said "thanks very much I'm honoured" I sure as hell wasn't refering to you as the arsehole concerned. What I actually meant was that I wanted to get my nose up there first! It shows how misunderstandings take place so easily doesn't it? Please accept all humble apologies necessary. (I still love Sapphira though!)

You seem to be more than a little outnumbered Doug. The conversation also appears to be getting more than a bit muddled; we certainly all need to remember that everyone has a different opinion about some things. I like to see a girl with a neat little landing-strip to nibble for instance - but I doubt that you will get annoyed with me just because you prefer to graze in rough pasture! Each to their own I say.

And where is this so called notorious infamous airbrush scar? I could care less when it comes to my love and attraction to for her. People get hurt and have scars, I know I do. I'm just interested to know. She could have a scar right on her face, id still love her. She just seems to have a beautiful personality too. I just wish she was mine to live and protect her from getting any more scars in the future =)

She has an abdominal scar, I'm guessing from an appendectomy. You can see it in her previous sets. It's pretty prominent, although I agree with all the others that it doesn't disfigure her in any way, and actually adds to her charm in a peculiar way.

googling appendectomy because i can't even guess what that is. either way like i say. its going to take more than a scar or 2 to make her any less amazing to me.

I really don't understand why so much time was spent covering a scar that everyone knows is there and is no deterrent to her charm and beauty but I must say that Luca is a master at it. No matter how loudly the D troll screams his distaste. I do not object as long as it's tastefully done. I think this set is nicely done and It is one of the finest models on Metart so I will smile contentedly and download her once again even though the troll screams in agony at every positive comment posted

I have complained so often about Luca Helios' photography in the past it would be unfair to say this is anything but a brilliant set. The camera has focused on different areas all the time, from portraits of a stunning girl we would all like to get into bed, to the point where I have to tell Doug that I'm claiming the honour of presenting the "Arsehole Award" before anyone else! Seriously though, I personally think this is the best set I've ever seen from Sapphira and Luca Helios. Thank you.

Again, to view feminine beauty at this level, and so open and fearlessly sharing, is a great privilege.

Thank you for sharing it, Sapphira.

Thank you for capturing it, Helios.

Thank you for making beauty so rare and so breath taking, so available to view, Met-Art.

One of the sweetest faces on the site.

Image 29: The bottom of her panties seem wet. OMG this set kills me. Sapphira kills me every time!

Face and body of a Goddess, a perfect 10

Beautiful girl, decent set, ruined by out-of-focus photography.

Sapphira is so totally lovely its hard to describe. And that she is very happy to show us is the best part. I can sum it up by saying the Sapphira gets a 10++++ and so does Mr. Helios for gifting us with such a perfect set.

Sapphira A is one of the most beautiful models who's sets I would down load every time and enjoy for many years to come. Please give us more sets in the future: I do not mind to even fill up with all my hard drives on her beautiful images alone and get even more external hard drives for them!
Thank you very much!

Sapphira is absolutely stunning. THANK YOU for the SHOES.....Amazing...Bravo Bravo..MET!!

Interesting stryke6969...I was going to comment on how beautiful Sapphira is and compliment the set in general...except I wish she had lost the shoes on page 1. They do nothing for me. These differences in taste and opinion are really what makes the world go round, eh? I respect your preference!

This one's a 10+. Love having Sapphira's freckles more evident than usual - and the rest of her is as perfect as always.

Technically excellent. Exposure of Sapphira's skin is spot-on in a high contrast environment. And thank you for so many pix that are actually in sharp focus! Mr Helios should give a class to MA's other photographers on how to use their cameras.

Sapphira is easily top ten of Met-Art. Her smile and body carries me through the day with such wonderful thoughts. However, how can you inspire such beautiful poses and then have the background lighting wash out parts of that perfect body? I wait, no I live for, her return again, but please make the complete set as perfect as she is!

I disagree with you about the background. With Sapphira's overall tan and long, dark hair, the blown out background lighting makes a perfect, non-distractig background as well as providing a great light source for a couple of large surface reflectors placed beside the photographer to bounce light back into Sapphira's figure. I think it's a well-done example of a partial high-key lit subject.

The perfect woman !

End of story.

Sapphira steps inside from the same locale as the gallery published on Christmas Day 2013, and she is just as beautiful!

I love her freckles, her smile, and her slender - toned body.

Another pleasant collaboration between Sapphira and Luca, much appreciation to each of you.

Sapphira is just preternaturally beautiful. With every new set, she astonishes me all over again. Her face, her smile, her flawless dancer's body leave me drooling. I long to taste that delectable pussy and plant kiss after kiss on that perfect anus. Unbelievable, a tsunami of 10s.

Sapphira for sure wins the award for most lickable anus. Super arousing girl!!

if she was my girl shed wake up to a tongue if not something else in that pretty lil sass every morning! lol

Such eloquence Mr. Sailor. You spoke for me and for a lot of folks here.

I agree with you completely! But, while it may seem terribly inopportune and maybe even out-of-place, Sapphira is one of the women whom I'd love to drive my tongue up her ass until she squeals with delight.

Yea! Me too! :-)

Mmmm I love that girl so much!

Me too!

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