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i would die just to be able to lick her ass in and out for one day.

DG if you have the opportunity to shoot this model, that would be great! I think your personal style will be a fun change with her.

The people on that ferry in shot 34 certainly got their money's worth

I love the way she just kept on posing like the ferry wasn't even there! That's a true pro ;^)

Jeepers.H.Crackers...as perfect as the rest of her is, it's Sapphira's eyes that blow me away in this set. Fucking incredible. She's so beautiful she makes me ache.

Doug, I don't personally mind being tweaked, along with all her other fans. We should after all try to keep things civilised. I think perhaps the reason I prefer to see that scar is that it proves she is a human being like the rest of us, no matter how much we try to put her on a pedestal. It is probably such a bad one because if it was her appendix it is unusual on the left and therefore difficult to find. If a doctor is reading this and I am wrong then please correct me.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I'm just assuming it's a surgical scar.
They play hide and seek with it. Don't think it matters. She consistently gets high scores and tons of defenders. Reminds me of Divina in that respect.
Hey, I wish my fave could say the same. No matter how good her set is, it's always underrated. Think because she had the temerity not to shave :-)
For sure, now that I know the scar is there, I want to see it. Photoshopping it out is not acceptable. Have been sayin' that since Kuulda, 9/13 :-)

Where ever Sapphira is she makes that place heaven.

Thanks, Sapphira, for show us heaven itself.

Hi rez set won't download.

Skin's power to heal and to protect is a marvel. (Power that overcomes a desire to sanction stoning the surgeon.) Power of grace. Power of facination. Who would not trace with finger or lip? An addition of the real and the whole to fantasy.

Could image 3 be better? Any suggested improvement would likely change something for the worse. The light highlight's the model's hair -just so. The wind catches that strand of hair -just so. The line the inner arm and curving waist frames the sea -just so. The definition of musculature and sinew under that skin -just so. The color of the fabric with skin, hair and sea, -just so.

2,20 -smile :) -hair framing the face -hint of the thong, (PEOPLE! If you have a thong to work with, show it! I will repeat it again, I'm sure) 21, 22, 45, 56.

The shoes in this setting are a bit jarring. Perhaps the juxtaposition helps highlight. While you will never hear "Serenade to Stiletto" by Magwich, I think the shoes are sometimes showcased well enough. They should have been backed by water while in the air.

This jumble of rocks is a jarring jumble of texture. For the most part, the less the rock is visible the better the picture. The solid smooth look in the last 12 is fine.

Some butt shots are bad: chop, chop.

I am always confused by vertically oriented portraits. With a landscape orientation, we can (usually)see as much of the model, and frequently more. Why give me blank screen space? Or risk losing an elbow in an otherwise fine photo (33)? Even more perplexing where the setting is a landscape.

I've seen what they call Sapphira with a pair of shoes to shit on the rocks.
What they call Sapphira did not have a pair of shoes for the sea?
Leonardo gives its best in indoor locations, in outdoor location is poor, always the same and boring.

Forgive Leonardo,
if this is a set for those who masturbate under the table, it's a good job.
But poor Sapphira: is like going out to buy some potatoes with Ferrari.

Feet free from feldspar: no fetish. Save the sole.

Who is Sapphira?
Where is Sapphira?
What does Sapphira?
I do not know.

Why is Sapphira?
not for thee....

've seen what they call Sapphira with a pair of shoes to shit on the rocks.
What they call Sapphira did not have a pair of shoes for the sea?
Leonardo gives its best in indoor locations, in outdoor location is poor, always the same and boring.

Forgive Leonardo,
if this is a set for those who masturbate under the table, it's a good job.
But poor Sapphira: is like going out to buy some potatoes with Ferrari.

What has Leonardo got to do with it? This Luca Helios not Leonardo.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Well, whoever that photog is :-)

"The End of Days" must certainly be near!! With the exception of the model herself, I completely agree with Doug...(YIKES!!) This is crap!

Where is that thumbs down tag. I sure miss it!

Sapphira is totally hot, as usual. She is posed against rocks for the contrast,which is classical. Of course classics get to be classics because they are good.She looks like she is not quite comfortable because she probably isn't. This is why I prefer sand on beaches,don't ruin the model's butt.I love the set, Luca Helios is very good at outdoors sets. I gave a 10++++ for this set.

I almost forgot,Sapphira put out a movie this month which is on SexArt. Ariel (APF) produced it with her friend Andrej Lupin as head of photography. Czech girls gotta stick together, I guess

Fantastic set of outdoor pictures, my favorite, gorgeous model and outstanding photography.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Perfect for the anatural folks: waxed, fake nails, bellybutton jewelry, surgical scar. What more could you ask for? Summer in February :-?
BTW, am I the only one who thinks she's having a tough time getting comfortable on those rocks?
Poor Sapphira! At least somebody loves you :-)

I have to agree that spiked heels look very treacherous on those uneven surfaces but they are better than hiking boots!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

What she needs are some very stylish hiking boots! :-)

There are some rare places - like half the planet - where summer in February is the norm.

Who knows when this set was shot?

Probably NOT February! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

The point about "summer in February" is that I'd rather see sets appropriate to the season I am in, where February is still winter. Know that's a lot to ask, and MA's gotta lotta sets they need to unload -- but think: wouldn't it be nice in early spring to see a set clearly shot in early spring? Etc...

Oh c'mon Doug, are you seriously complaining about her scar? Really?
Would you rather they'd airbrushed it out?

She has a scar? I'm sorry I must have missed it while I was admiring her absolutely perfect pussy. Where is this scar you speak of?

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

See image 4.

( :

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

No, I'm glad they didn't airbrush it. What I mean is that surgery isn't natural.
I've mentioned her scar before, and am consistently misunderstood. People are very sensitive about it. Some of 'em even build shrines to it -- fetishize it (shouldn't use that word! :-)
I don't think it helps her looks, but, as I've said, she's not my cup of tea for other reasons -- not because of the scar.

"Surgery isn't natural"....? Sitting in front of a computer "isn't natural" either doug...How far are you going to take this "natural" crap?? And I just LOVE how they will airbrush out a tattoo but leave a scar like this... Oh right!!! It's "natural"!!!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

OK, leave aside the surgery. We'll talk about the depilation, the nails, the navel piercing/jewelry, the high heels.... It just seems to figure she'd show a prominent surgical scar to go with all these other modifications -- set in nature, of all places :-)
Oh, and then there is or was the question of whether her smile was real or not... :-)))))))
I'm tweakin' you dude -- you and all her other fans. She's got it made with you guys, though -- she doesn't have to worry too much about me :-)

Yer a barrel of laughs doug! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Yeah, and they should leave the tattoos, too. I am against photoshopping, period :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Oh yeah, the high heels, too. Perfect for the location!
I guess they may look better than hiking boots, tho :-)

What a magnificent woman! everything about her exceeds a 10 so far it defies description. If someone were to ask me my definition of perfection it would require only one word Sapphira. Her poses and the way she carries herself along with that oh so beautiful face, those smoldering eyes and the lovely little freckle patch are beyond reproach in any way. This is consummate woman. Worthy of worship. There are a bunch of shots here that can be cropped for pg rated wide screen portraits(screensavers). like 17 and 29 and too many others to count. I could stare into those deep brown eyes forever!

Luca has done a masterful job here with the outdoor lighting. Something we seldom see in this type of set. He takes full advantage of her lovely tan and presents it in true living color. It is seldom I see an outdoor set with such a full spectrum of colors and no glare or washouts. I think this is one of his best sets and I love the fact that he made no effort to hide her scar or anything else for that matter. Bravo Luca! of course having a goddess for your subject might have helped a little. ;)


hipshot131, so if I arrange a shooting with Sapphira soon I guess you will not be too disappointed... will you? ;)

DG, been away for a while, actually in Doug's part of the world for a few days, so I missed commenting on this the day it posted.

You're not teasing us, are you? This would simply be awesome, if you could shoot Sapphira, it truly would be nirvana.

I think it would be pure nirvana! I am willing to bet that you two would produce something magical. She seems to have that magical combination of beauty and personality. Like Lauren she is the whole package.

hipshot, I can feel the nirvana already now only thinking of the shooting, Sapphira is so inspiring and I could already see she is a very nice and sweet girl, like Lauren, so I am pretty sure we could do a great work together. Stay tuned ;)

On pins and needles!

Delta, I would look forward to seeing your sets with Sapphira if it can be arranged. I think some of the models get locked in with one photographer and sets can become stale. Give another photographer a chance to provide a different look for the model. Just maybe the two of you will create something magical.

Hi JB1718, I am glad you think I could create something magical with Sapphira, I also have the feelinf this can happen and I also agree it's good to show models through different photographic styles by different photographers. I will try to arrange this shooting soon.

Awesome, DG ~ you've got my vote as well! Sapphira is a wonderfully beautiful model and I'd love to see what you two could cook up. ( :

I sure won't!! Please amake that happen! (If you have any control of that possibility that is...;o)

rachsback, I think I can make it happen ;)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Delta, good luck. Try to get some sharp shots. To me she's been in need of another photog for a long time.
Now, if you could persuade her not to wax her skin... :-)
Might not be possible if she's doin' SexArt.
See if you can get some character shots a la Rylsky, that seem to transcend a pose...

Doug, fer_realz, I will let you knoe when I arrange this shooting and will take your suggestions into account ;)

For me, this is a very nice set. There are beautiful smiles, a few glimpses of ribs, downy hair now and then, lovely labia views (both in camel toe mode and otherwise) and some swell bum sightings.

Kudos to both Sapphira and Luca!

Just very nice? wow is that an understatement!

Or an overstatement, depending on your point of view...

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