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I admit it, I do click on vulva closeups too.

But a whole page with pretty much nothing else? Boring. Very very boring. 5 pages of her vulva on display in the most direct way possible? I am so fucking tired.

The first two pages were good or at least ok. The rest is just another pretty girl spreading her legs as far as possible for the gynocological examination fetishists. No need for a face or a name. Just rubber stamp it was 'vulva number XYZ' and be done.


The girl is damned gorgeous -- love her or leave her little lambs!

Uh , what scar ? I see the mole ... but not a scar yet .. Could you please Identify which photo and the area that the elusive scar is at .

Whoot , whoot .... I finally found Anna AJ on another site , and she done went an stuck a broom have in her little cookie ... :)

Perhaps a reason to prefer this site -Artwork.

First who gives a fuck about a scare? Maybe Scareface(movie)!

This women is poety in motion.
I recieved a personal email from the photograper Luca Helios on how he is able to shoot this incredible women. That was dripping with sexuality and how he made her so comfortable. Most women, even gorgeous have problems of self-image(body).

His responce is she very kind, fliratious, funnny and
she loves the camera. Shit thats what I am looking for.
I live in the states and not one has been in Met.
Maybe I am wrong. I can see why. I was going to Russia but with the conflict. I going to Prague this summer. If you are looking for flaws look in the mirror! :) If you want perfection get a real doll for $6000.

A properly spelled scar does not detract from our model.

I'm very curious about the status of DG's scheme to get a session with Sapphira...

I would be very interested in that myself.

What started out as promisingly cute and enticing quickly went downhill. Creativity was lost with the clothes.

110 - half a haunch with focus that is not artistic but simply bad.

The color mismatch of lipstick an heartsy hoop earrings contributes to a sense of the artificial.

The jean shorts and halter looking bra do some well deserved justice to our model in the beginning.

Brunettes are the bomb, if she's phony, she can come and deceive me anytime she wants.....gotta love the closeups....

Well said

Sapphira is a fabulous beauty, and Mr. Helios chooses the best backgrounds for her.I agree with hipshot here, why photoshop her stomach when we(Her adoring fans)already knows she has a large scar there?It's kinda like Ariel piper Fawn's birthmark on the inside of her left thigh. We all know she has it,it doesn't look bad, but sometimes it's there, and sometimes not. Speaking of APF, she has put out a fabulous movie of Sappirea with her friend Andrej Lupin (Czech girls gotta stick together) for SexArt.Absolutely a 10++++

The set was not there for me. It started out interesting with the shorts and on the counter then it began to lose me steadily. I find the more beautiful the model the more critical I become of the quality of the set. I think that it is because I look so forward when I see certain models' names because when they appear you automatically think that it will be a great and exciting set. Then top it off you add Luca Helios name to the set, it adds a little more hope it will be outstanding. The set was a little less than "OK" for me. Still love Sapphira, I agree with the make-up and the scar comments. I am sad for her that the scar is part of her, but it is just that, part of her. It does not take away her beauty, leave her perfect body alone.

Pairing the relative roughness of denim with the softness of female skin has always appealed me, so this is a particularly nice set. What I would wish from all the MetArt photographers are a few pictures per set that have the model flat-footed. That way, it's easier to imagine that the model is your girlfriend, the set location is your own residence, and the two of you are hanging out on a lazy Saturday morning before "things" sort of...you know...happen. :-) Certainly I understand and appreciate the esthetics of having the model en-pointe, but must all the standing poses be that way? A few pictures of a flat-footed model makes her seem more real and accessible, and I think there's something appealing about that.

Sapphira, you are a lovely delight for the eyes, as always. I have a feeling some members are going to complain about the makeup, but I like it every once in awhile. As Rylsky says, sometimes women want to look glamorous and makeup helps them feel that way.
Personally, I feel that a pair of sexy high heels would have gone well with this look, but I'm not complaining, this is my favorite of Sapphira's last several sets.

Sapphira in denim shorts and a halter top. PERFECT but why Photoshop the scar? After all these sets it seems silly. Everyone has already commented that it is a part of her and doesn't effect her appeal in any way. Oh well scar or no scar she is one of the hottest women on Metart and I love every chance to see her again but I regret Luca's decision to gild the lily.

Gorgeous, Sapphira is fantastic, a plethora of majestic spreads here ad some awesome close-ups, encore!.

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