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Great outdoor set! This girl is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Any and ALL "details" aside, Sapphira is simply magnificent!! This setting is perfect for such an intoxicating woman!! That radiant smile should never be absent from her beautiful adorable face! VERY nice set Mark! Well done indeed!

Nature scenes can be _nice_.....but would it be too much to ask to take a folding chaise lounge, or some of the really big shape pillows for a girl to get comfortable on?
A girl who feels fun and relaxed shows more in her photos.

She already did big pillows with Luca Helios. You want to see more check her movies on SA produced by APF and shot by APF's friend Andrej Lupin.Also there was much angst over photoshoping the scar on her tummy, we agreed it made her more girl next door.(It looks like she dinged herself as a little kid,as they have a habit of doing)

Her hair is in the way in many of the pics.

Sapphira is stunning once more, when is she not?, however Mark sets a high bar here with some great photography and a landscape the beauty of which compliments an already superb view.

This, MetArt photographers, is how to do an outdoors shoot.

Mark, being Mark, had to screw up somewhere. He did a fabulous set of outdoor pics, and then AIRBRUSHED her tummy. I thought we had all agreed that was forbidden, and Luca Helios has apologized several times for doing it on his first 2-3 sets. K I hope you have some way of conveying our displeasure about the airbrushing of the tummy,as this is otherwise a very great set and Mark did an otherwise fabulous job. I gave Sapphira a 10+ infinity and Mark got a 10++(Points off for the airbrush)

dog, the jury may still be out on this, but the "his" might be a "hers" if Luca is a woman as is thought. I'm trying to remember which set it was that had a reflection in the model's sunglasses.

On the scar, I'd rather see the real Sapphira, but maybe she asked for it to be edited out. I'm not going to get too upset about it.

Seadog, remember that K does not publish sets in the order in which they were shot or received... she frequently posts sets that were shot a year or more ago. This set could well have been shot and processed before the "memo" was received, the way Helios' last published shoot of Sapphira was.

"we" all did? I think many members are okay with a little post-processing to remove scars and tattoos. It would be very unfortunate if MA instituted a ban on that kind of editing. It's "art", not photojournalism.

Agreed --

In this set Sapphira seems somewhat more "natural" than in many of her other sets... the makeup more subdued, and even the high heels stay around for less of the set than normal. Personally, I like her expressions during the set. It is probably less explicit than many others, but a solid set nonetheless.

Sapphira is gorgeous. i liked her dress and the way she took it off. i do not generally like outdoor sets, but this one was good. Sapphira's body was super gorgeous. i love her

Sapphira's lovely amazing body makes this another beautiful set.

My love!

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