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  • Gary
  • 5 months ago:

I love this model - all of her and every mark on her perfect body. Congratulations to Alex Lynn for NOT Photoshopping her.

  • Sten
  • 5 months ago:

I join myself to this comment.

Once again, great model; mediocre out-of-focus shots.

Refreshingly casual set!
Although I think the highlight is that it features the best photos, so far, of Sapphira's beautiful anus. Pic #112 is unreal! To be able to experience such explicitly intimate detail of a classic beauty like Sapphira is unreal, it's like the profane dancing with the divine. Thank you Sapphira for sharing with us your humanity.

Alex Lynn I really like your work! Natural, raw essence of beauty and Sapphira is definitely a beauty. She is my girl crush :) and I love how you captured her so naturally.

No airbrushing the scar, thank you for that. It is part of her and if you adore Sapphira, that scar is part of her wonderful package.

The closet shoot was so much fun. Actually I noticed it the other day while looking around the site and it was this gallery that convinced me to join.

You captured so many wonderful aspects of a girl playing in her closet and rummaging through her drawers to find the perfect lingerie. Love the white knee socks!

I also have to give the thumbs up for the nudity in the beginning and end with Sapphira being clothed in the middle! That is fabulous and so is this set!

Thank you Alex and Sapphira, I hope to see more!

I can't blame you for being sold on this site by this set... I think it's my favorite set of Sapphira, so far. ( :

The faint scars on her belly make her unique, and add to the personality of the shoot. Well done.

Really amazing set, thanks!

Since my comment disappeared,I will sum up.First,there is no airbrush of her scar,it makes her look much more like the girl next door,they dinged themselves playing,just like you did when you were a kid. Second,Sapphira is doing very normal girl stuff,checking the linagerie drawers. Finally do check out her movies on SA. They are produced by APF,who is an expert on Czech girls being one herself I gave both Alex and Sapphira a 10++++ this is great

Two things:
I love the concept of a girl who's looking for the right clothes but can't find any so she stays naked. It's funny and arousing.

I love the fact that MetArt accepts photos of girls who clearly have a scar on their body and - of course - that it doesn't stop Sapphira from getting naked.

She is gorgeous and I agree no touch-up is better.

Is this a first for MET, where the model is nude at the beginning and end of a set, and dressed in the middle? :)

a reverse strip/strip set is not found too often. Something different for Sapphira, which I applaud.

Actually, no, there were several over the space of several years. Sadly, I tried to come up with a way to tag them for retrieval, but none of the tags I could think of were accepted by the tagging system...
It is a really nice genre and horribly underdone, in my opinion. I think all the artists should try a set or two like this just to see if they could work it into their repertoire. I have a feeling the models would love it, because (in my experience) most women love playing dress-up.

fer, I seem to think it has been seen more in videos than in photos. I tried searching the tag "reverse strip" but came up with 90 matches of mostly bull because the tags are mostly bull. Perhaps in the pending update that K tells us of, where fixed tags might have some real meaning, will such a search produce real results, fer real!

I agree... K, if you're reading this, please find a way to include some sort of tag in the new system for the opposite of a strip set. It is a nice genre, and I'd like to be able to retrieve the old ones. ( :

Colorful and nice, lingerie is spice!

I love Sapphira and I love closet shoots. Watching a girl looking at outfits trying them on, admiring herself in the mirror. These are all very natural things for a girl to do especially when it's someone elses closet and she is treasure hunting for that special outfit.:) So much fun

I like this set because it just seems natural and without pretense. Of course the most awesome shots are the naked rear shots. She has such a cute butt and great legs!

Couldn't have said it better, man. The best set I've seen on here in ages. Completely natural with no STUPID EXAGGERATED POSES OR RIDICULOUS CLOTHING CONFIGURATIONS! Just a beautiful girl doing something natural and normal. That's where the real beauty in life lies. Well done Alex Iskan and Sapphira, great work.

Natural? There is still the underlying perception that a women's butt only looks good whenever she has her back arched and is either wearing heels or standing on her toes.

i could not agree more with both of you! Watching this sexpot doing something so natural as getting dressed was hugely arousing!!!!

Do women naturally dress while standing on their tip toes? Come on!!!

Let me add my thanks to Alex Lynn on a job well done and a great idea for a photo shoot. More like this one please!

Apologies, not Alex Iskan, ALEX LYNN. Fantastic work.

Very beautiful set with Sapphira getting dress then taking them off.

Very nice! Sapphira gives us lingerie lovers a nice dress-up and then dress-down show with an extended series of boyshorts-only shots. Then she indulges the rest with an extended more explicit sequence toward the end. Needless to say, I approve of this set. ( :

I like it!

Wow! I have only just discovered your photography with this set; I feel ashamed for not noticing you earlier. You capture your girls with a very natural and authentic eye. And it seems to me to be tailored towards female viewers. I really hope we will see much more work from you.

This photoset is one of my favourites I have viewed this year. The concept and setting are highly relatable. What I like most is that it subverts the MetArt norm of wearing no clothes, or quickly removing them. I loved the LESS explicit shots! They made Sapphira feel so much more real, and when things did get explicit, I felt really privileged and honoured.

Alex. Thanks so much! I am still in the process of looking through your archives. Like I said before, I hope we see more :) Congratulations on a superb set!

I too like this set for the same reasons. I also like the fact that no one took it upon themselves to PhotoShop out Sapphira's abdominal surgical scar. It shows us a more human side of her. Not knowing exactly when this set was shot in relation to all her others, there's no way to really tell if any of the other sets had been retouched.

I also like the fact that the photos are presented in a series that seems to tell a story of it's own.

Arkie, in comments under a previous set, one of her other photographers mentioned that, in her first sets, they had photoshopped out her scar, only later receiving the feedback (mainly through comments, I think) that members did not want the scar photoshopped out in future sets. So, it is definitely photoshopped in some of her sets.

Oh, and sorry Sapphira. I forgot to say thank you to you also. I'm very sorry. You're as gorgeous as always :) MetArt is so very lucky to have you :) Thank you so much.

We have waited - but it was worth the wait.... Absolutely unbelievable and you look, as always, stunning Sapphira! Thanks Alex for this brilliant gallery and looking forward to see me more in the future!

Thank You very much for no touch-up on this set! She is perfect! Absolutely beautiful!!!

An incredibly sexy tummy! It would have been a shame to hide it in order to hide the scars. A body that fit doesn't happen by accident; she deserves to show it off. Well done.

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