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Sarah is great, but this set looks amateurish, suffers from bad lighting.

MA, please book her a better photographer and let her truly shine.

gorgeous tall girl. beautiful face and long blonde hair. please provide some closeups of her pussy next time

Love when they bend over. I wish all girls would do it.

Nice debut set.Hopefully she can give us some closeups of her pussy next time.


WOW ! I love Sarah's looks -- everything is perfect;y adorable.
Sarah is one of those rare models who bring out intense feelings in me, that I haven't experienced in years - I would love her to be the mother of my second family. I guess that is called LOVE, AT FIRST SIGHT.

Met-Art - THANK YOU for the early Christmas gift!.

Beautiful model, but very very bad photography. Correct skills before further shoots!

Well ok! A beautiful girl with a GREAT body!! Nice debut, now let's get her inside and take some proper pictures of her...;o) Really pretty face...

Very, very classy. Lots more of her please.

Content wise, this is a decent debut for Sarah. It is an outdoor set, but the scenery is nice and there are not too many issues with light levels that can plague this setting. I appreciate the clothed shots to start off with. Sarah looks quite at home here. I like the tall, leggy build and she looks great in those shorts. The only thing missing is a few closeups, and if Sarah goes inside for her next shoot, that could be rectified. Nice new girl, decent set.

Thanks for the comment from my last post yesterday.

Beautiful girl, but how about some more pics of her legs spread apart with both breasts exposed?

Nice to see a home girl on the met. She is quite lovely and seems at ease in this set. No awkward beginner poses, a nice body, not too shy. A nice prospect if she will stick around for awhile. The scenery looks like my home turf in northern California. Hot and dry in the summer and fall. It suffers from the normal sunny day lighting problems but does a pretty good job dealing with it. I would like to see her in a nice indoor setting with good lighting but this is a good sound debut.

Northern CA, like maybe Redding. I'd also like to see an indoor shoot for this newcomer.

Just about any central valley foothill location. Redding, Fair oaks, Auburn, Paradice, Oroville. Lots of choices but no way to know for sure. Hope she didn't get into the poison oak. It's pretty common in the foothills.

Dear hipshot131 I totaly agree with you on this debute series of Sarah G its is a lovely debute series no awkward poses and the scenery also reminds me of the country side from where i live in Outback Australia.I also would like to see her within an indoor setting but which photographer would you choose to do it ?? Ass Sarah G is quite lovely and hope she stays around in the future to come...

I don't know Dave Preston's work very well but i have to say he chose a lovely outdoor setting to Highlight Sarah G's lovely tall body gorgeous face sexy hazel eyes long blonde hair small breasts perky nipple firm round derriere!! her white creamy skin wearing just a pair of blue demime pair of shorts and a red top with her colourful blanket highlighting her tall slender body gorgeous face sexy beaming blue eyes inviting smile of hers within the different contrasts soft and darker lighting of the back ground setting of the trees and foilage highlighting her shapely body :)I simply adore the way Sarah slowly strips of her demime shorts within sensual sexy poses until Sarah kneels uopn the blanket within lovely close ups of her gorgeous beaing face hazel eyes inviting smiles in image #27-#30 just as images #31-#44 with some lovely striking sensual sexy poses slowly revealing her breasts underneath her top ;)I simply adored the panoramic views of Sarah G lovely body both standing iun images #113-#114 priceless and sitting upon the rocks within both sensual sexy poses with back ground of the forest landscape highlighting her lovely assets very well !!! but the cloee up image of her gorgeous face features in image #79 did the trick for me :) Mind you Sarah would look very lovely within an indoor setting with heels and sexy lingerie in the future ? A lovely gorgeous debut series by Sarah G with both serene and sexy poses :) :) Welcome To MetArt Sarah G Its nice to see another American Beauty ( been a while now ) and stay around a little bit longer as i can' wait until you next series :) :)

Poor photos of a nice girl.

So today a non-Ukrainian, an American girl. Not a bad debut, but not spectacular. This is Dave's 37th set presented. Most have been outdoor settings and somewhat similar in sequence. He has presented several new girls but then on Met most Americans would be Bo used a lot of American girls on Sex, but we all know the problem there. Shame we couldn't get some of the Sex girls to come over to the softer side here at Met. Maybe Sailor would let me start an American sorority of Dave's girls. Oh well...

I'd have to inspect each applicant personally. : )

Dear swplf2 I found it quite nice from a females point of view but it's nice to see an American Beauty for a change and as i well know there are some lovely woman in the States and if you look thru the Archives there's been three Australian models within MetArt one with a solo set and two lovely models with a girl-girls series and it would be nice to see your Sex girls within softer side of them within MetArt and i'm sure Sailor will help you out too..you both seems to be great friends:) P.S Thanks for the invitation to drink some rum beer with you guys in a previous comment but by judging the freezing cold weather over there i think i'll stick to my hot desert days and balmy nights mind you it would be nice to see the Northern Aurora Lights if your close enouch to see them :)

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