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I always enjoy visits from Sarika.

Thanks to Sarika and Team Rylsky for today's gallery.

"Now that's what I call a f*¢k!n' show!" - Seth Gecko ("From Dusk Till Dawn")

Great shots, and especially the 65-71 sequence.

It's early but not sure what the problem is here, ratings-wise. Sarika has a very cute face, hot busty body and tasty pussy! And the poses...well, there are a few here (#97, I'm looking at you!) that had me trying to climb through my monitor.

I started to try climbing through the monitor on #1 early this morning and have yet to succeed. This whole photo shoot is beautiful. I think Sarika and Rylsky out did themselves. They kept it simple yet delivered a little of everything.
I must say, Sarika you're a doll. You look very beautiful and there are so many beautiful shots that it's really difficult to pick any one in particular (#21, 71, 78 & 111 plus all the shots from the rear just to list a few) so I'll have to keep the whole set.
Rylsky you're on a roll this month (as usual), keep up the good work.

The bed scene with Sarika is so beautiful.Her body is just stunning.

Sarika is a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous womanly figure and lovely blonde hair. Very nice. I am not a big fan of the location. It seems to be cluttered and busy but that is a very small matter.

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