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cute sexy little dress like her

I enjoyed this set very much and was especially happy to see some outdoor work. We each enjoy different models and different shoots, and I for one really enjoyed this one.

Sasha you look smoking hot in that little grey wrap. Love the way it hugs your ass. Love your pretty eyes and luscious lips too. I really liked this photo set.

Apologies folks, I meant to say "could have been very good"

I am sorry 5seadog but I kinda wish Sasha had used another photographer. It is a straight case that Sasha has got progressively better as time has gone on but Dmitry Maslof wouldn't recognise a decent closeup if it jumped up and bit him in the arse.
In pretty well all of her sets Sasha has offered him a series of widespread shots which could have very good but every time, he concentrates on her face. She is as you say very beautiful but she is very beautiful elsewhere and I think she knows it! Maslof evidently doesn't, or he needs a new camera.

Sasha is a comet that had strayed from the MetArt firmament and now returns more beautiful and sexier than before. (we also realized that its periodicity is annual).
I generally do not like shooting outdoors because the light is often unmanageable.
And the less I love the sand which dirty the beauty of the model.
But in this set, it was made a careful study of the lights (also as WB) and the background of the cane thicket is very pleasant.
Sasha playing naked in the water and fine sharpness.
At the end a vote of 10 + to model and photographer is well deserved.

Shaved or not shaved, but Sasha, please, the mustache of Hitler is very unpleasant.
(pubic hair trimmed = Hitler mustache)

Vera Farmiga.

Great to see this gorgeous beauty return, she's simply stunning and looks great here, I have to echo the requests for an indoor set though.

Love those goose bump nipples!

Sasha is a very beautiful girl, and gives sweaters a good name. I think the background is the Pripyat Marsh, but not being Russian, I can't tell for sure. Anyway,Sasha is a great outdoor model, but I kinda wish the photographer had used another background.

Wow Sasha, you look amazing today.

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