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Beautiful girl, useless photographer. CLOSE-UPS. MORE. PLEASE.

Outdoor enthusiasts, please explain: Sasha dirty of chalk between squalid cliffs is more beautiful?

I quite liked Sssha J's latest series from the start to finish wearing nothing but a sheer red silk see-through garment her gorgeous face lovey green eyes long blonde hair beautiful breasts and erect nipple tantilizing sexy sensual poses the natural lighting of both the rocks and limestone cliff face and sparse green/brown foliage highlighted all of her lovely assets as Sasha slowly peels off her red see-through garment slowly revealing her lovely trimmed vagina gorgeous breasts erect nipples lovely face green eyes long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders with some very sensual expression on her face even the lovely images of Sasha J lying on her red garment truely highlighetd Sasha long blonde hair facial feauture gorgeous breasts erect nipple very well against the white sand :) I have to adore image #51 a magnificent close up of her gorgeous face breasts erect nipples of hers as well as the close up images #85-#88 of her gorgeous face breasts erect nipples trimmed vagina in different sensual poses :) As well as some very delightful serene images of Sasha J both against the cliff face as well in images #66-#68 showing both her sexy derriere body face blonde hair - As her sitting lying sideways on her red garment in the white sand Mastof captured her well within these lovely sexy sensual images of Sasha J each to their own i guess but Sasha does look great outdoors some of Met-Art's model are well suited outdoors but i have to agree with Kilroy and some other of the guys she would look nice for once within an indoor setting in the future to come as Sasha J is a lovely model/woman :) :)

I love outdoor shoots ... I love indoor shoots.
I love models spotless ... I love them a bit soiled ... I love them messy.
I've produced and consumed all manner of shoots and enjoyed them all.
And I LOVED this series.

I can imagine it was very hard to shoot fair-skinned Sasha correctly being outdoors and against a very light background. I appreciate that difficulty, but that still does not change my opinion that I would rather see her in a studio setting at least once, where we can see her clearly without being washed out.

HI Kilroy Yes it would be hard to shoot fair skinned Sasha outdoors but i found the lighting of both the Limestone rocks and sand and this sparse foliage at the the beginning really highlighted Sasha beautiful body gorgeous face quite well and i have to agree with you she would look very lovely in an indoor setting with the right photographer either Leonardo Arkisi Gonchrov they tend to bring out the best out of their models with their series....

Love her lips,very pouty. nice!

This young girl has the best looking nipples on the site!

This young girl has the best looking nipples on the site!

Sasha is once of the ladies I adore, she is beautiful, has lovely red toned hair, fair skin and cute freckles, not to mention an amazing body. Any picture sets posted of Sasha on Met are appreciated by me, but as others have said I wish we could see an indoor set.

I have to concur with lember, please take this young lady into a studio with good lighting and comfortable places to streach out. Let her shine...

well, some people - like me - think that a girl really shines in nature and that most studio sets are kind of bland and boring.

Sasha has great potential. It's a pity, though, that Maslof, who shot all of her sets and films, insists on covering her with dirt, sand, soot or rust in every single one of them. I think she deserves a better setting, preferably clean and preferably indoors.

"Dirt, sand, soot, or rust"...Maybe Sasha really LIKES those "organic" turn-ons? Mmmmm! I'd be more than happy to help clean up...Purr-r-r-r-r-r-r!

yeah, it was difficult, but I was still able to masturbate to these photos

A little bit too much information G Shackleton Jr. )

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