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I liked this set a great deal. I thought it had everything including a great cover.

Selestina, a rising star on the eastern horizon, her brightness shadows the sun. Her exhibition is most rewarding. New star will bring delight.


Selestina has just confirmed the nice impression she made at her premiere in Metart. I bet she will become a star in the adult modelling world in few sessions. She is reason to renew any subscription. A wonderful gallery that kept the loads coming the whole evening. wow.

THIS is what 'I' call a "pp/ppa" contestant!
Very nice set of a gorgeous new model!! Please put a "Rush" on her next set!

Gorgeous woman with a stunning anus!

She has a beautiful flower.

Lovely girl!

I like to see that the photographers here on Met are providing pictures of the models in underwear or partially clothed in recent sets. The little bit of anticipation before the model is completely nude is most exciting. Great set, good to see Selestina back for another photoset.

Yes indeed. See wgworld's comments on Mango. The tease is just as important as the strip.

Hear hear! I would like to have seen more shots of the panties on her before they were pulled down/off. But I quibble... it was, otherwise, a very hot set.

It's been almost three months since we last saw Selestina's gorgeous smile. Far too long. Come back much sooner, sweetheart.

I agree wholeheartedly Sailor!
I was just wondering if K and the staff could start "SelestinaArt"!
She is a treasure to be enjoyed on a daily basis.
Thank you for sharing Lovely Selestina!
Wonderful job Mr Varin!


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