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shes so beautifull love that perfect body

HOLY CRAP WHAT A SATURDAY, wish everyday could be like today! SPECTACULAR!!!

Spoiler alert.

Selestina certainly looks good in and out of her white panties. Albert has presented to us MANY views of the treasure her panties hide; I believe 112 is my favorite sighting today of how blessed Selestina is. And before I forget, she also has lovely downy hair.

Albert; if you continue to present lovely young ladies for our enjoyment, I am nearly certain that I will continue to enjoy them.

Much appreciation to all involved.

Albert is certainly on a roll here at MA!

Selestina is gorgeous! I love her sexy bra and panty!

Absolutely magnificent! How brilliant is this K for releasing Selestina and Kei on the same day!? It actually could be my doom!...not sure my heart can take this!!
Fantastic set...but I would like to see this beautiful girl a bit more conservative with the make-up. She is far too pretty to be painted like this... But in any case, this collaboration has been AutoDownload since set one! Selestina is one of the hottest of the "recently new" models!

  • 2 years ago:

Hi Rachsback,

I am so glad you are excited about the choices today :) I 100% agree with you about Selestina's makeup. I have talked to Varin about it and in her future sets I hope to see this toned down quite a bit. I am not sure if maybe her skin is not great, but some photographers overreact to the tiniest of blemishes. I don't know if that was the case here but regardless I am not a fan of too much makeup.

K, I just want to provide a counterpoint to Rock's comment. I think that most women look just great without makeup, and I am happy to see them without it most of the time. But I think occasional makeup is also a nice change of pace. Like Rylsky said on his site on a set with a model who usually appears without visible makeup but wore it for one set, "Sometimes a girl likes to look glamorous" and I fully agree. I don't think you should reject a set of a popular model just because the model is wearing makeup. Some girls like to wear it from time to time and look great in it, some girls like to wear makeup all the time. But to have occasional sets with makeup isn't going to change the fact that more than 90% of the sets here on MA look like there's no makeup being used.

...long story short, I found Selestina's makeup sexy as hell. ( :

So you like the "plastic mask" look??

It doesn't look like a plastic mask to me, Rock, it just looks like a sophisticated lady made up for a night out on the town, followed by some serious adult fun all night long. ( : It works well with Selestina's looks, IMO.

...and don't forget, by far the vast majority of sets on this site are the "natural" no makeup or minimal makeup look.
A few fully made up sets here and there aren't going to change that, Rock. ( :

I'm happy that you see the issue as I do K... And that it may be rectified in the future... Thanks again for a wonder filled day!! ;o)

A perfect example of why shaved pussy is beautiful. Thank you Selestina. You are very beautiful.

Amen to THAT! Jake in Jersey!! ;o)

Very good close-up work! Thanks!

liked the set. Love the model! :-)

The doggy feeling is great. Welcome with a charming smile ...

Dear Selestina... she looks as sweet as cotton candy with caramel dressing. ( : Sure would like to lick this sweet beauty all over.

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