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Awesome set! Selestina's feet, pussy, tits and face looks so sweet and so juicy!

I could eat that pussy forever!!!!!!!!!!

Captivating from the first photo. Such a succulent looking at of pussy lips. Deliciously erotic.453

Another bonanza of bottomless-ness. Outstanding.

AMEN!! ;o)

I adore this girl! When I looked at the front page today, I could see at a glance that this was the only set that would appeal to me today. After looking at this, I'm not even gonna bother looking any further. THIS is all I need today! And what a glorious day it is! I like fishnet a LOT, whether it be stockings or other articles of excitation. And especially when it's worn by such a beautiful and sexy woman as Selestina...
Thank you K, this makes my day! Selestina, you are truly magnificent!
Albert, you still da man! ;o)

thank you, rachsback!
that you are happy to Celestine. And I am pleased that I managed to convey its beauty.

A very nice set. I love the fish-nets, fence-net would be even better. (Panty-hose - uggh). There are a few shots of a well-displayed arse, but as so often, for me there are far too many wide-open beaver and not enough arse.
Gets vmy vote as set of the day.

Another beautiful set from Selestina.She is gorgeous with the black see through and stockings.

When user tags include "dark labia" I find it amusing. Only because it sounds like the name of some kind of erotic superhero. "Look! On the rooftop! It's Dark Labia!"

Or a kind of chocolate...

Or the superhero's arch nemesis! ( ;

Or my breakfast...

Dude, not that you're a stranger to this in any way, but... TMI!!! LOL

Oh no you dint TMI me!! You wanna see TMI!!??? ;o)


Good heavens, dear me, my lord, did Selestina turn up the temperature in this room with her lovely uninhibited strip tease or what?
I generally don't like it when models remove their stockings only halfway into the set, but my feelings are different when they're fishnet/mesh stockings, like these. For some reason, they have very little erotic value for me, unless seen far enough away that they look like regular stockings.
This set is a ten, however. Selestina, you are a queen of eroticism...

hi, _fer_realz_
I'm glad you like Celestine. Many girls like to wear stockings, although mine is uncomfortable. But it is very beautiful. Stockings emphasize slender legs and nudity. They emphasize the youth of our model.
I think each of us there is the memory of the girls in stockings or fantasy on this topic.

Oh, I LOVE stockings in an erotic photoset... it is fishnet stockings (and mesh clothing) that I do not find erotic. ( :
Silk stockings, and pantyhose, are very erotic. ( :

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