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WOW.. Picture nr. 96 is just amazing...

More great April tits from MetArt - way to go Semmi, you beautiful woman! Fine-looking woman with beautiful breasts and inviting, 'hooded', 'wet' pussy - WOW!!!

Unshaved she is so much better. Also when will we have another movie with this Venus?

Absolute perfection in buttocks and that asshole! Wow! Where's the lube. Let's go dirt divin'!

absolutely beautiful girl with an amazing body. Even without her lovely bush her pussy still looks amazing and so inviting. Its especially hot to see her pussy wet and to see that she was getting turned on by getting naked for us and knowing the effect she has on men. It looks like she was as excited to shoot the pictures as i was to look at them. Semmi is a sex goddess! (or in this case a jerk off goddess)...

Props to Alex as well. The photography was excellent. Great outdoor set and use of light. You both make a good team. I'm looking forward to seeing more from both of you!

With or without the bush i love you Semmi.

Excellent!! No sunshine. No ultra-hi contrast. No sandycrack.
Perfect 'outdoor' shoot. Beautiful forest setting - Semmi more gorgeous with less... Thank you from the bottom of my torsoheart ;o)

LOL I just noticed that Semmi went from shorts and a cute little top, to a nightgown! That's pretty amusing....

That beautiful engagement(?) ring seems to be saying.."THIS is taken!"...lol
Lucky bastard!!

What a shame....the hair is gone. Dislike.

It's called "evolution"...;o)

No it is called an invention (the razor) without it wed all be hairy.We have been wearing clothing for several millenia now yet we still naturally have pubic and body hair.If it where evolution we would have naturally shed it.

We also "naturally" have an appendix, which has been proven to be an obsolete organ. I don't need a lesson in evolution. Clearly I did not mean that a "shaven" body is "evolved". The "evolution" is the recent discovery that pubic hair "can" be the cause of many health concerns and issues, and BOTH men and women in increasing numbers are choosing to remove it, one way or another. Not to say that ANY of the models here do it for that reason, but I'm sure some do. And if you consider pubic hair "natural" and NOT to be trimmed or removed, I trust you never cut or trim your hair or finger/toe nails....?

nope. Evolution does not work that way. If hairs would make it less likely to reproduce THEN we would have shed our hair already.

More pictures with those cute, sexy shorts would be appreciated ;)

I love this woman's body, and face. It's practically mythologically proportioned. A photographer would have to make a real effort to capture a bad image. Must check out her other shoots now...

I think that while a girl looks better trimmed,she does not look as good shaved,not to mention razorburn is nasty and painfull.Semmi is very beautiful,very much a woman.She is another model with strong preferencs about who she will work with totally nude.

Hairy or shaved, Semmi is always red hot, a striking beauty with a smoking, killer body and a lovely, full pair of tits. Awesome!.

I agree, hairy or not, thats an amazingly beautiful pussy. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Nice photography but she is much more erotic and artistic with pubic hair. Also it would be nice if she let her underarm hair grow.

So what you're looking for is a chimp...? lol jk

Outdoor sets are the best, beautiful model with a really nice ass, and she likes to show it off, which makes her even hotter

Excessive hair will burn the skin right off the shaft of your dick. Not so good

I'm not a fan of outdoor shoots, especially where sand is involved.

Semmi is great and nice to see her lovely pussy unburdened by hair.

An average set only rescued by Semmi's hotness.

I'd like to agree with you if you don't mind...;o) But...for an "outdoor" shoot, I think this one is above the "average". Both outdoor shoots today are...imho.

Semmi without her muff is very nice. Semmi with her muff is the best since Francine!

Liked this set, nice Semmi with a bit less of a hairy bush, fantastic breasts & ass

Please let your pubic hair grow back

Lovely, as ever. But prefer her unshaven.

That's great, the wet pussy really looks tasty.

Love the way she gently opens her arse cheeks to show off her Anus.

That's too great. Wet pussy really looks sexy.

I know there are two schools of thought on this Semmi, but I much prefer you shaven. With those lovely pussy lips, dirty soles, and dark exciting anus this is an incredibly sexy set.

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