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Wonderful, gorgeous Semmi.
Perfect, exemplar the minimalist ambience made ​​by Goncharov, magician of eroticism.
For a jewel like Semmi not need silks and brocades.

Really horrible fake nails.

Fantastic Model, Great body, Winning Smile, and BEAUTIFUL labia. I love the fact that she tries to please us all. Sometimes shaved, sometimes hairy, and she is WONDERFUL in either format. Great clarity in the photos too. We can see EVERY DETAIL! Love it.

Stunning, as usual. But better unshaven. More of her please.

Stunning,as usual. But better unshaven.

You're beautiful...even with one eye not in the middle for perfect symmetry...but ayou really lovely and almost perfectly pluck your nasal hair :) Bnd you shouldn't shave those meaty labias Semmi...be natural as you can and should be ;)

Ugly face.

This young woman seriously turns me on! That wasn't very aesthetic, was it? :-)

my god what a lovely smile and a cunt to do die for got me wanking silly

So glad to see Semmi shaving again. NOTHING should cloud the view of this gorgeous body!! Excellent set!!!

This girl has a wonderful, earthy look about her. I love her expressions and her attitude in these shots. This is a photographer who knows how to bring out the absolute best in a beautiful woman. Well done, Goncharov, and thank you, Semmi, for another chance to admire that gorgeous body of yours.

She would be lovely in a video either way she is quite alluring.

You are marvelous Semmi.

Why did she shave? What a pity... Still awesome though.

Photo 55,56.57.58 is super best.

Gorgeous woman with a very delicious body!!!

I agree that Semmi looks much better with pubic hair. She should let her bush grow back, and for extra eroticism - her underarms as well.

In the network there are thousands of websites with hairy women as grizzly.
Why propio Semmi hairy?
Why propio on MetArt?

What the heck happened to the bush and fuzz???? Semmi always had a beautiful bush! Grow it back....this is not good!


Oh my, that second to last picture is so hot, the way she lifts up her leg to show off that mouthwatering undercarriage, mmmmmmmmm yes

This photographer usually gets it right most of the time. This set is no exception. 100% Spot on!

Many beautiful models appear in MET. In the absence of Francine, Semmi is my favourite.

Way to go Semmi! Admittedly, you are stunning either way, but I love your amazing pussy better like this, clean and sweet, smooth and open. Completely luscious.

Her pussy is amazing either way but i preferred it with the bush... Most girls are shaved now so it was nice to have Semmi offering us some variety.

In the network there are thousands of websites with hairy women as grizzly.
Why propio Semmi hairy?
Why propio on MetArt?

"Most girls are shaved now..." for a good reason!!

This is the Semmi set I've longed to see - eyes that captivate, magnificent smile (x2), lithe limbs, elegant hands and feet, and superbly shot in a setting that dis exactly what it needed to do - just be a background that you hardly notice while supporting great poses. Shots 69-71 are breathtaking, but 91-102 are great too. Thanks Semmi and Goncharov.

I miss the bush Semmi . Bring it back please.x

Semmi,I used to lose myself into your forest.Where did the forest go?You know cutting it is bad for the environment,so,next time you may have it semmi-shaved,at least.

Semmi,I used to lose myself beneath your wonderful forest.Where did the forest go?You Know cutting it is bad for our environment,so,next time you may want to get it semmi-shaved,at least.

Summer is coming - maybe she wants to be able to wear a bathing suit in public. You have to clear a few acres of forest for that when you're that hairy. :-)


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