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I miss the bush. Of course I like Semmi also shaved, but we see so rarely pretty bushes here and elsewhere.

to shave or not, is there really any question?
beautiful, sexy Semmi!

Ignore the minority who like hair. What they really mean is that they don't like to see pussy, so God knows why they are here.

And why, oh why, oh why, must these clueless togs keep blurring everything? If you don't want to see what she has, Mr Photographer, tell the model to keep her clothes on and sell the pictures to some Missionary Society in a Muslim country.

Para 1: please don't ignore me ~ pussy does rule ~ but tasteful grooming allows me to have it both ways.

Para 2: 5 thumbs up.

Don´t shave,Semmi,better semmi-shaved

Iskan can you photoshop and retouch and blur your photos some more? Why are you using a 36 megapixel Nikon if your real intention is to retouch what the camera captures? Awful, awful technique.

Great set but I like Semmi much better unshaven.

Sex on legs whether Semmi is shaved or hairy, would love to be locked in a bedroom with her for about a month!!!

I dare you...

... and i think, it woud be better, if „Met kicks carvers ass“.

Great outdoor set, love her freckles, those tan lines, and especially that sweet round ass

Shaved or unshaved, Semmi has the cutest plump pussy with an amazing clit. I'll take her either way, but being shaved lets me enjoy her treasures just a little more.

Pic 126. I love to see the model aroused.

Semmi is great. Both shaven and unshaven! More please.

Very sexy Semmi! No underwear and a totally shaved pussy with pussylips like a butterfly.

If I were a sunflower, I'd be tracking Semmi, not the sun.

DANGER Will Robinson! A whisker rub advisory has been issued for #s 73 and 74. At least her freckles, eyebrows, eyes, clitoral hood, great butt, and pussy haven't been tampered with. Semmi was my favorite, loss of her muff moves her back with the pack.

Iskan and Goncharov are the biggest and worst photoshopping hacks.

Glad to see her pussy shaved.

Glad to see her pussy shaved.

I love you shaven, Semmi, it shows those amazing lips to best advantage. A lovely, colorful, and beautifully photographed set.

I agree with half of that...the first half!!!


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