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I love her tits n ass.

Lovely face. Nice arse. Stunning pussy. Next set unshaven, please.

Is this a nude site or a taking-forever-to-get-nude-and-then-redressing site?

'The Gap' is an expression I use to describe what's between the bra strap and the body. Have a look at photos 2 and 4 for examples of The Gap ... this is always a great indication of a sensational set of breasts

Imagine pulling her panties off for the first time, and being faced with that huge Labia, then her bending over to expose her perfect Anus...it would be bone shattering in minutes.

Can Iskan retouch his photos even more? They're not blurry enough.

Obligatory comment: Just viewing these pictures has me Semmi-hard.

Bring back the hair!

Shaved pussy - and ordinary look. Plus I agree with the complaints about the set.

I like Semmi, beautiful woman, great body, can't ask for more than that.

Beautiful girl; terrible photography.

It really turns me on to see pict,s of her putting her clothes on . What a waste of the first 25 ... This is what I'm paying for?? Beautiful woman ..boring set!

Lovely girl, disappointing poses. Shaved (yay!) but not nude until the last few pictures.

Damn this woman is HOT! Everything she does is animated by that beautiful woman.
That having been said... the critique I have is that I simply do not understand the erotic photography convention of taking the top up yo expose the breasts... and then not removing it the rest of the set.
It's distracting because it looks just plain uncomfortable for the model... I can't speak for anyone else of course but it does nothing for me.
I know that if I was with a woman and she didn't take her top off all the way while we were playing, I'd certainly find it a bit odd... I mean, do real women really do that during sex?

Pardon, I meant, "animated by that beautiful smile."

Very pretty, Semmi. Great job

Firefox is on auto-pilot. I instruct it to download any set featuring Semmi. Some results are better than others; none disappoint.

Indeed any set of Semmi is wonderful

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