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Love her clean shaven.

It 's always a great pleasure to meet again the beautiful Semmi and her attractive graces.
In the rules of composition of the color photos states that every good picture should have a 'strong color'
to guide the eye to the main subject.
The funny donut life preserver is driving towards .... a gift: Semmi naked.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Rules are meant to be broken :-)

rules are made to invent better

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

No invention without breaking of rules, though. Or no creativity, I should say.
This is not an absolute but general rule :-)

  • ergo
  • 11 months ago:

Miss your bush Sammi , grow it again please. xx

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

5: nice job of "air-brushing" her underarms :-) -- oops, missed a spot!
Love the makeshift set. The potted palms are very atmospheric!
45 -- underarm not airbrushed there. ¿Que paso?
Routine mediocrity.
84: when you have to clone out her armpit hair, something is wrong.
92 -- gotta be the most clashing orange I've ever seen.
95: nice use of plastic :-)
99 -- as good as it gets for Semmi, with her mottled lips.
109 -- nice clit shot.
123 -- to airbrush or not airbrush -- that is the question :-)
131 -- beware of my comments, Semmi!

you happen to mumble in his sleep?

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I think you get my drift, anyway :-)

Doug, enough with the play by play. If you can't come up with one comment for the overall photo set shut the f-up. We don't want or need to know what the hell you think of every other photo!

But did you see "109 -- nice clit shot."??? Seems everyone just kinda skipped right over that (doug)...LMAO!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

If you don't want to read it, skip on by it.

Good advice, I think I'll take it! LOL

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

It's y'all's loss! :-)))

They did....LOL

okay, I did, but I didn't get mad!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Some unfortunately after getting mad :-)))

LOL Mad?? At YOU!? That's a silly notion....;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

They could have spared themselves a potentially serious blood-pressure spike :-)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

And btw, I commented on 9 of 137 pics in this set. Do the math!
Don't worry too much, tho -- in some sets I'll comment on a much higher percentage of shots :-)

Excellent photography. Love the clean shave. Beautiful baby.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Shouldn't that be "Beautiful boaby"? :-))))

No fair messin' with him eight months later, Doug ;-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

He needs to be payin' attention to Replies :-)

The smart aleck :-)))

Great. But better unshaven.

I'd LOVE to see that clit peaking out from under it's hood!! I'm sure it is just as hot as the rest of her.

I'm with yah, but probably won't be seen here. Still, one can dream, right?

LOL Aren't YOU guys surprised!!??

I hope ernie is still around to enjoy this with us...

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Looks like you're not the only one who can't recognize a clit :-)))

Okay, you two go ahead and have a laugh at my expense! Still don't know how that one slipped by me, must have been browsing on high speed that day.

(In case anyone is looking at this and wondering WTF the joke is, Doug pointed out in another Semmi set eight months later that her clit is visible in pic #109, so "Ernie" and I both missed it.)

AND... even missed Doug's comment "109 - nice clit shot."

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I still haven't found the one in my mind's eye -- may not even be Semmi's -- quite a little sausage if I do say so... :-)))
Definitely female... :-)
And of all places here on MA...

If I ever do find it I will point it out. May not even need a big display to see it :-)

  • Gary
  • 11 months ago:

Semmi is great, but without body hair is much less erotic.

Looking great today Semmi.

She's just as gorgeous in clothes as out of 'em... lovely lovely Semmi!

Semmi is my dream girl. Perfect. Wonderful face, beautiful eyes and the hottest body. She has full breasts, a hot ass, long legs, nice feet and a gorgeous suckable pussy that I'd love to penetrate.

Ukrainian Girl. Why a, I think, Union Jack" T-Shirt? Nice set.

I think the question is why not?

Just a ? Not a bitch. Overall I like a few "dressed" shots being added to sets. And you, again, are correct, Why Not?

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