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Why the photographer work so hard to hide the girls armpits?
I prefere her hair and and skin. Stop with that, please

very creative!
bring more picture sets like this. im thinking of renew the membership.
sexy thong!
she is really hot.
nice introduction! very hot! eager to turn the next page with passion.
really good job!

i want to smell ur pussy n lick it..

Ambience sumptuous and Baroque.
Semmi very sophisticated and elegant.

Best looking yet, mature and great hair and body, awesome.

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Have to look for side shots.

I just caught a picture where the stubble was missed and that's what'll make this set a possible favfavorite for me. If the photographer is however going out of his way to airbrush all that beautiful erotic stubble than I as. Customer say thumbs down on him and his photography except where he gave us some stubble unintenionally.

Yeah... Fully agree with Doug. It is all right if a model is shaved, but, if she has some hair (even a teeny tiny dot of a stubble), that is where much of the enchantment resides to differentiate her... and then it is airbrushed out for our disappointment. I have been straining for a while to look for overlooked stubble that the artists have luckily missed. Semmi A is not the only example, but is a consistent one, for us to weep at hair that has been stolen away from us. We still have Rylsky's sets with Kristel A and Francine A (to name a selection), but does it have to be limited to so few?

How I would like to see their original hair! How I would like to see Semmi A with fully-grown armpits! One can dream and wonder...

That is a gorgeous pussy! I only hope she lets it grow out even more. Plus I love seeing pubes poking out of the sides of a woman's panties.

Totally agree about the pubes poking out the sides of panties. White panties would be perfect!

Yes! White cotton panties on Semmi... yummy!

Lovely. Wonderful to see the unshaven pussy. Yes, what about showing unshaven underarms too?

Beautiful model, love the natural look, would have preferred it without the armpit airbrushing.

Semmi has stunning tits and nipples that I would love to play with and that pussy of yours is stunning as well. Next set would you please spread those pussy lips a part? Please!!!!

Yes after a long wait the jungle is back! Semmi is an astonishing natural beauty and she looks a million times better with a hairy pussy. And it seems like to me she's really proud of her bush and she loves to show it to us and I appreciate this very much. She's in fantastic shape and the nice location showcases her figure perfectly, she's a true queen on these photos. This is one of her best set here, I really enjoyed all the photos, so big congratulations to Semmi and Alex Iskan for creating this very fine collection. And one more thing, I like the outdoor pictures at the beginning, if she rides that motorbike, that's very cool and her outfit is pretty neat too. Thanks a lot of including these street images. :)

I fully agree with Arthur II

Agree with the above. I love her hairy, and she would be even better all hairy.

I will agree that hairy is nicer than shaved, but her garden is a bit over grown. A little trimming is in order. Great to see her again, thank you Met. She does look marvelous .

Trim you cock and balls much?

All natural unshaven goodness, yes!

We have all sorts of treats and goodies here on Met today, and Semmi is one of the sweetest.

This is a whole lot of woman. Semmi is a beautiful woman with a nearly perfect feminine body. At 5ft 9in, she presents an impressive and imposing figure..

As soon as I see that the model is Semmi, I download the zip file. It is nice that one of the main reasons that I collect her sets is back. Thank you Semmi and Alex!

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