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This is an exquisite photo set, of a truly gorgeous and sexy woman. I love her puss - whether shaved or not, her face, her breasts, her butt, her legs, and her gorgeous eyes. I would kiss every inch of her. I hope she come back soon.

Spectacular in every way!

Semmi's eyes are the most beautiful on the whole MetArt-site. You could drown in them. Adding that she has a terrific body and such a delicious pussy makes me, well, horny?
Nice that we see a little more of her feet in this set. They were quite hidden in other sets, if I remember right, for no reason.

I prefer shaved but her being that turned on is beautiful

Gorgeous, stunning Sammi.
Ambience and clothing perfect.
Photos high voltage.
Delicious Sammi dressed, it should undress in the studio.
10++ for two.

All I can say is I love this woman in all her natural glory.

Please don't shave leave as is " 10 " plus

Great body..love the photos that show her legs and feet crossed..looks like great wallpaper for my computer:)

I always thought the point of Evolution was so we wouldn't have to crawl about on all fours and be hairy all over --

And let's not forget -- the Wooly Mammoth went extinct !


But you are still alive,so we must consider that evolution is no longer

The seller

Prolly 'cos of the great expense and effort required to groom its massive coat. LOL

But look at it this way ... HE was taught NOT to drag his knuckles so maybe there's hope for him yet!

But look at it this way ... HE was taught NOT to drag his knuckles so maybe there's hope for him yet!

Yaks are next... ( ;

Wonderful, sexy, and raw.... Ya gotta love the bush!

Gorgeous pussy! Just perfect.

A great way to start the new year.

I totally get the fact that shaved vs unshaved has fans in both corners. But to say you have "no interest" in a close-up picture of an unshaved pussy is kinda sad. She's a gorgeous woman with a super hot body who undresses and spreads her legs for the camera (and ultimately our eyes). Hard to imagine having no interest in that.

we all should know by now, being the liberated adults that we are, that there are differences of opinion in every matter, and most especially in the matter of beautiful women; clothed or naked. Some like feet, some nice round butts, others breasts. Women were put here to be admired, loved and cherished, in my opinion of course. Met_Art provides us with ample opportunity to admire and "comment on the photographers work". I have my own preferences in women, and I love them all, some more than others which is reflected in my rating of the session.
But honestly, I think some of the comments I have seen on here border in being beyond rude. If you wish to comment and say I do not like the colors, or the darkness or over exposure, ok those can and are all be valid points and comments, especially if you are a professional photographer and understand what the session was trying to reflect. I still do not understand why anyone would purposely focus on one part and blur the remaining, but I am no professional. I am sure there is a good reason for it, and I will try to understand.
But to comment on the model and make rude comments is out of place. She is who she is and you do not know her, or her reasons for being the way she is. So step back and think before you comment this year, and reflect on how your comment might make the model or photographer feel. I strive to maintain the motto, if you can't say something nice, or constructive, don't say anything. I hope this is constructive.

Maybe he´s homo.
Homo sapiens,of course;there´re two kinds,actually.Homo Sapiens and Sapiens Homo.One is a latin(not latin american)man with a big QI and the other is a Greek homo man also evenly smart, Both men and with different sexual preferences. But both a lottta intelligent
at the same time,that´s the point of evolution.A guy who doesn´t wish to waste
his time staring at Semmi´s pussy or playing with it or whatever,is kinda strange,and then is when Democracy comes into play.Ancient Greeks couldnt even
imagine the sort of imbecile and obnoxious people we all have to deal with each and every day(I´m a good example),or they wouldn´t ever had allowed everyone´s vote to have the same value.That´s the point of Democracy.Evolution
is selection.Democracy is just the opposite,you only have the right to grin and bear.Next day he dates a girl he will take his shaving machine with him.

The seller

I couldn't agree more!! I love pussy; no matter how it is shown. However, I say a shaved pussy is beautiful but a hairy pussy is awesome and natural. Keep it coming!!!

Personally I love to see a grown woman without shaving, makes her look like, well, a grown woman.

Let's not confuse her with Father Christmas -- you know, foot long white beard --

Well, how about Gandalf, then?
( ;

In Semmi's case none would be better..

I'm not at all averse to pubes at all, they do come naturally of course but rather see them kept tidier.....

Wow! What an ass! What a body! what a woman!! Semmi was built for sex. and I just love her beautiful hairy pussy. This girl and this set are incredibly arousing! A great start to 2014! This is going to be an amazing year!! :)

Just Beautiful!

What a pretty face..............Oh, and the rest of her ain't too shabby either

Sorry : i have no interest with close-up views if not shaved...

Does that apply to medium and long range views as well?

fully agree i do not like to see her pussy if not fully shaved.

Does that apply only to Semmi, or does it even include models photographed by Catherine?

Go back to her July 2013 set, she is shaved there as in others. I agree with Baggy, it is tasteful grooming that does not obscure her feminine endowment.

A nice thing about Semmi - she gives us a full spectrum in personal grooming. Hard to beat that for trying to please all of us.

Besides her sensual beauty, best thing I like about Semmi A is her willingness to show it off all natural too. Nothing more attractive than a babe that has a bit of wild in her, if you know what I mean.

Beautiful, marvelous, wonderful set !!!!

Semmi's beauty is quite unbelievable !!!!

The quality of posing and of pictures (no blur, THANK YOU !!!) allows us to admire Semmy's hairy sex and hairy anus during hours and hours !!!!!

2014 begins very well with this admirable set, please a lot of other hairy sex and hairy anus girls :o)

IMHO this is a very nice gallery because. . .

Semmi opens with a public walkabout. Her luxuriant pubes are shown many times. Tasteful grooming does not obscure her special cookie that Azrael notes. We are blessed by many shots of her beautiful derriere. There is one nice b&w picture. One wish I have is that Semmi would have worn white cotton panties in some of the indoor pictures.

I could go on, but I think you can determine my appreciation of this gallery.

Thank you Semmi and Alex for this gallery. It is the kind I hope we see somewhat more frequently, from models so inclined, in 2014 than we did in 2013. Similar movies would also be nice on occasion.

Liked the clothed outdoor start as well. Puts a little more art in the Met-Art. Semmi is beautiful with or without clothes on.

I second you on the white cotton panties request, Baggy. Not that you're surprised, I'm sure... ( :

This is an absolutely awesome set, one of my favourites of the lovely Semmi.

The oh-so magnificent Semmi does sultry.... I like, a lot.
Hot, hot, hot!

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