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Even without her bush her pussy is beautiful, I can just imagine how big her clitoris is under that gorgeous hood.

The sweet and smiling Semmi, beautiful everywhere, come back, and is immediately enjoyment for the eyes.
Semmi delicious also dressed.

Semmi should enter the fotoset dressed in jeans and jacket, that wearing in the last photos and then undress to be caressed, by the look, without panties.

Thank you for the "clothed" images at the end of the shoot. I enjoy that perspective. I feel like Semmi A and I are on a date.

Semmi is so beautiful….but still best unshaven.

Semmi was born without a beard

Is there an echo in here....? ;o)

I downloaded this gallery without looking at any individual pictures. As I suspected, that proved to be a wise move.

Today I like Semmi's tan lines, shapely breasts, downy hair (hinting at what could be and maybe will be shown sometime), clitoral hood, nice bum, and great legs. She certainly looks good in her walkabout too.

Kudos to both Semmi and Alex.

One word? Dreamy.


What more does one need to say?

! Another echo!? It must be Semmi's 'canyon' causing these echos....lol

A beautiful set, but Semmi is much better unshaven. Please grow it back.

Semmi was born without a beard

Gary - According to my research, of her last 12 sets and videos, she has been shaved in 7 and not shaved in 5, so chances are you may get your wish next time she appears. I like her either way.

Love her excitement she is sexy

Semmi ia a totalbeauty,from head to foot. Alex Iskan hes done a perfect job of photography,helped no doubt,by having the lovely Semmi to inspire him. Semmi and Mr. Iskan both get a 10++

I like just about everything about this set, but what I appreciate most is how Semmi's ethereally beautiful ~ and yet earthily sensual ~ bedroom eyes are highlighted so very well.
For that reason alone I am powerfully smitten with the second and third from last shots.

"earthily" huh? LOL I'm gonna have to look that one up fer...lol ;o)

Ha! Not an actual word, I bent some English rules to the snapping point to make that adjective. ( ;

If you want an idea of what I was trying to say, look up "earthy" ( :

I know exactly what you were saying...(lol) and agree 'wholeheartily'.... I just had to poke you about that "improv"... ;o)

Mmmmm Semmi, that's all I have to say.

What more need be said....really.. ;o)


They are beautiful.. as well as the ass, the eyes, and the tits. This girl looks real fun to play with....

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