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I'd fuck her either with or without the bush. It's a sacrifice, I know, but I'd do it.

Great set of this beautiful, sensuous, sexy woman with the smiling eyes

The close ups of Semmis's moist, dark treasures are truly awesome..with or without

Need a lot more of Semmi please.

Semmi is my baby!!!

I'm creating the the Gorgeous Face (GF) Club to go along with the PP, PB and PA clubs . Quite a few in this set to "stare" at and choose from, ending with #137. Love you Semmi with or without the bush (I'm a bush lover but without your bush one can really drool over your succulent pussy. (I hope that didn't sound too offensive to anyone.) I would also like to offer my services to all models that need a final "touch up" when they do decide to shave the undercarriage for a photo shoot. Someone has to do it so it might as well be me since I have nothing better to do except ramble on and on when submitting a comment here on MA, (thou not as bad as some of the viewers).
Semmi, I can hardly wait to see how you're groomed for your next photo set. However it may be, I know you'll look stunning, as you always do.
Thanks Alex, if it wasn't for you, and all the other photographers, what would we do...panic attack!

Mega clam! ❤ IT!!!

The ratings today make sense, not often do you see over 9. Semmi is to die for, but I think what put me over the edge was her natural juices- gets me every time, what an incredible turn-on!

The quality of the photography, especially the lighting is spot-on. Excellent job Mr. Iskan!

Hair, no hair, it's all good, those are some sweet lips!!!

Image 27-30 I'd pleasure her by massaging her feet and sucking her toes.

Moist and ready....

Semmi is a MetArt goddess, pure and simple.

Timeless, evergreen Semmi.
Each time you come back you are more beautiful than before.

Inusual very pleasant setting Alex.
Excellent lighting.
Excellent clothing.
Excellent colors.
10 and praise for two.

Semmi is beautiful, but; DANGER Will Robinson ~ a whisker rub advisory has been issued.

Those stubles are her body's way of telling the razor and wax to stay away from her private parts - it wants to grow hair below!!!

I'd be happy to take care of that for her.

I'd be happy to ignore that! ;o)

@ Rock: pussy rules! You are correct; the way Semmi appears today only momentarily deters me from enjoying this visit.

And the congregation said "AMEN!" ;o)

Bring back the bush please .

her bush was reason I added her as favorite

Please NO

Lovely with or without!




@ dreadnought: it's your turn.

Shaved and truly stunning!

A babe and a half! Thank you, baby.

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