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I sure would like to see another set (or more) of this gorgeous woman. @ K....has Semmi retired? She's so amazingly lovely.

  • 8 months ago:

Hi Whiplash,

To be honest with Semmi I am not sure, I know I requested more sets with her if possible and they never came :/ I enjoy her work as well so if I hear anything I'll keep you posted!

I am a woman with a large labia, and love looking at women with puffy ones like mine…shaved or unshaved! Semmi is my absolute favorite on this site.

Semmi is one of my all time favourites also, ppinkk.

Bless you for your positive attitude to large labia and if I read you correctly, your positive attitude to your own labia. I am saddened by the reports of ladies, especially younger ones, who do not treasure their labia. The Maker knew what (s) he was doing when girlie parts were designed.

Since grooming is up to the model, not the photog, I love what Semmi is willing to give us.( I hsd one that grew a full brush all right, then dyed it fuschia just like her head hair)I'll take Semmi anyday. She is as beautiful with clothes as without,and that is what counts here,she is self-confident and lovely. I gave a 10++++

Clearly one of the most beautiful women on the planet

Oh clearly!! LOL ;o)

Giant clam!!!

It is always nice to see beautiful Semmi ~ she is an instant download for me, no matter how her outstanding labia are presented.

Semmi has a significant clitoral hood, have we ever seen her clitoris?

MANY thanks to both Semmi and Alex.

And NOW...Thanks to Doug, (NEVER thought I'd be saying THAT!! LOL) we HAVE seen her "trigger"!! LOL

Instant DL here, to.

No, never have and probably not on this site. Her double hood keeps it well hidden. Has she been on SA or RA?

Great day today.
Four sets - four sets 10 and praise.

Absolutely perfect just the way she is in this set. Glad her "furry phase" appears to be over.

Love her shaved sets! Her beautiful body is revealed in all its splendor!

No pubic hair - what a shame.

She's absolutely gorgeous just the way she is -- no "furry" window-dressing required.

What's going on in #11? Is the bench unexpectedly cold? That's a great pic.

...I don't know, but it is a delightful shot.
I just wish that the sequence 11-17 had been shot from in front of Semmi rather than from the side... ( :

Awesome set! The photography is captivating. Semmi is stunning in every way!

Big pussy lips are best imbedded in soft pussy hairs.

We want " The bush" back .

Would that be "George"???

i do not like full bush. i do accept trimmed bush leaving the lips clear and bald

a stunning model.

i only wish Semmi continued the set naked on the snow. it is not difficult

Would love to see the goose bumps all over her beautiful body!

@ kkronful:

Not difficult for you to suggest, but it might be a little harder on beautiful Semmi, her feet, her butt cheeks, her. . .

Semmi is just plain stunning! There is nothing more to say. She is another of those gorgeous Ukrainian goddesses, with a perfectly magnificent body.

There is nothing 'plain' about Semmi. Even her 'stunningness' is stunning

It is, that. ( :

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