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This girl really has a great ass on her. Her pussy looks so fresh and delicious as well. Her tits are mouth watering !

Serena is totally delicious again, but I have to wonder if Leonardo's eyesight is failing him... A few good shots here, but overall not very impressive. And I have to agree with proctor...she looks pretty uncomfortable thru most of the set. Maybe a different artist is in her future... I can only hope.

You'd look uncomfortable too!!! Ever tried to balance on a hammock??

No, I have never tried to balance on a hammock!!! And I've never posed for or otherwise participated in erotic photography either, but I still know better than to USE a hammock in such a manner!!! Maybe it's not only his eyesight that Leo is losing!!!

431 - it's a shame Serena has a worried expression on her face in several photos in this set. She is absolutely beautiful and hada great figure. I only hope she looks more comfortable in her next set.

Lovely Serena, I hope she hurries back soon, such a beautiful girl.

Beautiful girl with a really nice ass.

This marvelous young lady has the face, body and attitude of a classic pin-up star. So lucky for us that she is willing to go so far beyond that genre and shares it all with us. ( :
My only complaint about the set is that when she was reclining in the hammock it forced her to push her head forward in a somewhat awkward/uncomfortable looking pose. Otherwise this is a fantastic set of an up and coming MA model.

Soft focussing at times spoils this good set. Serena's first set is stunning.

What a pretty girl :-)

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