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Classic Goncharov.....great set and beautiful model.

Very beautiful young woman! :-)

Grey-blue eyes, a light dusting of freckles, glass cutters, a hint of ribs, an innie, an hourglass figure, well defined and muscular calves, a camel toe, puffy outer labia, superb butt cheeks, a lovely pubic mound, and not least of all a joyful and charming smile. These are a few of my favorite things (in addition to whiskers on kittens). ∴ Serena is one of my favorite Models.

I dare not forget the contributions of Fabrice! (S)he has captured and presented the beauty of Serena in a most pleasing fashion. Until today I thought “Serena is a very attractive woman”. After today I am forced to make an executive decision.

11s are a limited entitlement and careful consideration is required before any are awarded. Barring the unforeseen, Serena is an enduring 11. Xylo IS an enduring 11. Fabrice's contributions to this visit earn an 11.

Thank you to Serena, Fabrice and K for this special appearance.

"Serene wood"... Brought to us by Fabrice and this gorrrgeous girl with an appropriate "stage name"...;o) "Outdoors" and "swimming pools" are a losing formula for me, but this is just simply beautiful!! Maybe it's the girl! ;o)
Congratulations to both artist and subject for pulling it off....so to speak....;o)

Great body and great style but would dearly love Serena to grow back some hair on that pussy.

Wow. Lots of great posing, some highly erotic! When Serena stretches out to her full length, with just the right amount of curve, and her adorable face, she's just amazing.

Lucky tube!!!

Nice set! Serena looks so sweet. Need more of her. Please and thanks.

Serena made the pool an exciting place to be at.Very wonderful and refleshing.

The moment I saw that pool toy, I was hoping for shots like #38 and #40 (and 116-118). Serena and Fabrice didn't let me down. :)

To be honest, of all the erotica/MA genres of shoots, the swimming pool shoot is probably my least favorite. That having been said, Serena and Fabrice pulled this shoot off, IMO.
It was a combination of Serena's warmth and beautiful smile and impeccable body, and Fabrice's skill at finding the right balance between erotic images and non-erotic images.
While I'm not hoping to see a resurgence of swimming pool shoots... I have to say good job to the both of them!

Awesomely cute, those spreads on the rubber ring are grand, gorgeous.

Serena's best set up to now. Special thanks go to Fabrice!


In a pool...

In her field.

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