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With her toned body, (her legs, especially), gorgeous hips, and those wonderful dimples above her derriere, Sharon is arguably one of the ‘queens of the all fours’ pose, and this is a couple sets in a row now, that do have her in the doggie position. : (

And that's a problem for you? Or did you mean for that to be a smile?
I can't imagine that anyone could 'frown' on this point. Are you perhaps a 'missionary'? ;o)

First, meant to say, "do not" have her in the doggie position, and, that was a frown, but not for the entire set.....just no Sharon on all fours. Picky, picky, picky....I know. :)

This model previously has done some great work and nearly enough butterflies on this site alone for a whole summer. I predicted though that there would be no butterflies from this model with this photographer - and I was dead right. Infact I cannot remember when I last user-tagged any model with butterfly on here as it looks like it was so long ago. The viewers DO WANT to see them as evidenced by looking at the highest rated sets and photographers, so come on then - lets see a heck of a lot more butterflies on here and the wider the wing-span the better!!!

I like 'open labia' as much as any one here, but to see it stretched out from thigh to thigh is just not appealing to me. Many girls here open them between shots and that's all "I" need. Gabriel and Night are at the top of my "display quality" favorites. They both display beautifully without any "spread". Back to Twistys with you! ;o)

What a beautiful face. I could eat her up from head to toe. Nice set.

Sharon has always been one of my very favorite models here. Her sets are always too far apart for me. The body of a Goddess and the face of an Angel! More often please...

Oh...did I forget to comment on the 'set'... 'Beautiful'! Of course...

Lovely stuff, Sharon is gorgeous and she always spreads magnificently, image #047 is a great example of her style.

Stunning Sharon is so cool and self-possessed - perhaps a bit too much so. How nice it would be to see that lovely pussy moist and open!

Sharon! Pelo rubio, ojos azules, pies descalzos y las piernas abiertas repartidas! Combinación Niza!

My heart leaps for joy every time I see new set of the stunning Sharon. I get so lost in her eyes wondering what it would be to run my fingers through her hair and to feel her body wrapped around me. Such a gem, I never tire of her beauty.

Sharon has the most beautiful eyes and a toned fit body to die for.

The tiny panties in this set are superb but would have liked a few more frames of her stretching, particularly from the rear, before removal. Sharon has wonderful shapely muscular legs and superb firm buttocks as befits a fitness trainer.....love this girl & would certainly have as my personal trainer any day....xx

Sharon is a very attractive lady with: killer eyes, a great butt and labia, nice eyebrows. lovely hair, and love handles. I like the fine body hair we see in some pictures.


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