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SHARON D in Jasin by Antonio Clemens

Sharon Naked in Bed. Wow. The dream of any man is to join her in bed. At the beginning of the set Sharon is fully dressed. Your attention is drawn to her sweet face, her blue eyes and her gorgeous brown hair. As she gets naked your attention is drawn to her medium sized gorgeous boobs. Never in my life I have seen such boobs in shape or size or beauty. I dream of joining Sharon in bed to play and fondle with these boobs for hours. Sharon’s assets also include gorgeous legs terminating in a stunning ass and framing her deliciously beautiful shaved pussy.
Antonio Clemens work was good in general. Antonio missed to focust on the most stunning feature in Sharon’s body, her boobs.

Indeed, those are some lovely boobs.

  • 2 years ago:

I happen to find those shoes very sexy! Of course, Sharon is so much more sexy than some shoes.

Very nice set, Sharon is superb and this set has a good balance of poses, even some great closeups on her very pretty vulva. I Don't mind the shoes, there's plenty else to look at.

You may well be right about the dosage rockhard but rags25 is right when she says this is a pretty good set!

Beautiful photo set. Sharon is perfect. Sharon has an amazing body.

Beautiful set, beautiful woman. The shoes didn't bother me at all. Sharon could have been wearing combat boots, an I probably wouldn't have noticed—not with the rest of her so gorgeously on display. Kudos all around.


FINALLY --- !!!

A gorgeous woman just the way I like them -- laying on a bed, smiling, with nothing on but her high heels !!!!

Took ' em long enough!!!

LOVE Sharon D! She's always so toned and healthy-looking. I really like the "cute doggy" pose in #125 (she's just adorable), and the "sexy doggy" pose #126. And don't even get me started on the "take me now" poses in #145-#147.

Her eyes are amazing, and I love that she doesn't hesitate to show off her beautiful ass

Nice set. Sharon's looking very yummy, inspired me to spend some time checking out her earlier work.

(Minor thing, but I think #87 and #97 are the same photo.)

I loved the way Antonio Clemens uses the colorful bedroom setting in this set to highlight Sandra D's gorgeous body as she slowly peels off her colorful dress in a sexy strip tease revealing her beautiful breasts and nipples,firn thighs in different views and angles and different sensual expressions on that gorgous face of hers as per images 31 to 39 with a lovely close up of her breasts,erect nipples face in between even as a female i'm love the way she splays her self along the bed slowly spreading her legs wide open to only reveal her luscious firm inner thighs and the pink labia lips of her vagina gently cupping her breasts per images 63-65 and 89-90 simply gorgeous shots by Antonio Clemens these shows Sandra D's true beauty and what can one say about her love lovely rear end shots of hers except simply scrumptious and i don't care what the some guys commented on her high heels suited both sandra D and the bedroom setting very well :) as shown in images 78 onwards with Sandra D lying flat on her stomach legs spread wide open only to finish of with a lovely close up of her curvy ass,pink labia lips as portayed in image 83 this series of Antonio Clemens is "Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art" Thank You Antio Clemenson such an erotic series :)

Whatever drugs you're taking rags, the dosage is way too high. ;o)

It's Sharon D in this set, not Sandra D, although both are gorgeous and Sharon's mesmerizing beauty is enough to throw anyone from their train of thought!.

This girl always results in a massive erection, so very sexy.

My God. What the hell is wrong with you people ?

You have one of the best pictorials I've ever seen on MetArt with an incredibly beautiful woman sharing her amazing body with you and all some people can talk about are the shoes she's wearing.

Get a freakin' life people !

Agreed. Same kind of people who would have said "Yeah, your Mona Lisa is great Leo, great strokes and depth of color, but what's up with that smile?" Ha ha. Oh well...

I for one am glad Sharon's mama didn't teach her never to wear her shoes to bed. She is SO sexy wearing nothing but high heels and a smile.
Having said that, (and I am not a foot fetishist) I would not object to giving her a foot massage after she slipped them off.

I like Sharon's eyes, downy body hairs, labia and bum. It's nice that Antonio didn't go overboard with Photoshop.

Why the ugly assed shoes?

With a girl this beautiful, who the hell cares what kind of shoes she's wearing!!

Semajw sandra D's shoes are ugly i personaly think they suit Sandra D and the Bedroom setting vey well plus she does'nt where them for long anyhow

because it suits for Sandra D and the setting anyhow she does'nt wear them for long geez bloody men i'll never understand them !!!!

Maybe the fashion designer intended them to be worn together, and Antonio or Sharon liked the look and purchased both?

Dear Baggy36pants I think Antonio Clemen meant to have Sharon D's wearing coloful shoes as it suits the decor of the bedroom as a female i should know one wears shoes for the occasion well not this female trucker i spend most of the time wearing Redwing toe steel boots on cant see myself wearing them with an evening dress kind of butch i think :)

Very nice photoset.

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