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#140 & #141 are a lot of fun to jack off to!

Headlopper case #352537 Sharonara Rocking 24 year old who's rocking around the clock. Gallantly trying to find her place in the sands of time. Rocking 24 hours a day and still looking for the man with the big muscle. She's looking for the man with the big muscle to rock her into rock a bye baby land. Looking for the man with the big muscle to shape her up and ship her out to the land of rock and roll. Wondering if the rocking chair is strong enough for two rockers to rock the night away.
Thinking about the places she can rock and roll with the right man.
Gently swaying to the rhythm of a soft rock song or the hard driving beat of hard rock and roll. She's wondering if the wall flower robe was the right choice for a hard rocker like herself. Headlopper wouldn't mind asking this beautiful wall flower to rock and roll with him.
The flash of lighten and the rumble of the thunder are nice to rock and roll the night away with the blond wall flower trying to find her place in the sands of time. Beautiful wall flowers are hard to find to rock the night away with around these parts.
From the files of the Headlopper

I agree with mostly all of the comments on this set, in fact Sharon is listed as one of my favourites but does anyone else find it particularly UNsexy that she appears to be wanting to stick her tongue out half the time?

Sharon is simply stunning. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and a superb athletic body.

Sharon has lovely muscular thighs & in this set the sight of her tight black panties running between those firm round buttocks is quite wonderful....keep giving us more of this outstanding beauty please

Sharon is eroticism incarnate. ( :
I especially enjoy the high heels only shots. Wow!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I love this young lady. I love her blue eye and her long blonde hair. I love her delicious medium boobs. Sharon was ver generous in giving us plenty of shots of her long beautiful legs and the gorgeous treasure between them from all angles.
Good work Antonio

So predictable and no sparkle at all to go with the "wedding smile". 2/10

Sharon is an absolute gem.

I don't think it gets much better than this. Sharon has always been one of my favorites, and Antonio does her justice from behind the lens. My, what a woman!

Great set!

Mark this day in your calendars people! MetArt really brought out the big guns today! Sharon is one of my favorites, what an ass!

Sharon is a beautiful woman with lovely long hair, great eyes and smile, a nice vulva and a primo derriere. I like her downy hair - here, there, and everywhere - thanks Antonio.

Sharon D gets sexier and gorgeous with each set. What a rear fest !

Sharon, you are a delight — a nifty wench with a wry sense of humor, a tasty little body and the best tush in town. It's always a pleasure to welcome you back.

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