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Grace and beauty for which there are not worthy words

Antonio Clemens returns and returns to the festival of lights and colors.
Question: How should you do a photo shoot in color?
Answer: so

Great set. Just ejaculated to pic #77

Way more than I needed to know. I am sure it didn't thrill Sharon either.

You have lost the route to Antarctica.
The Antarctic is not here

WAY too much information!!

I just love Sharon. I could look at her all day, but then I wouldn't get anything done. Every part of her is beauty, especially those well-toned legs.

When I saw that there are 169 pictures in the set, I thought I would overdose on Sharon today. There is a lot of repetition, so I think that the traditional 120 shots would have sufficed. I like simple sets, it's just the bright orange color I am unsure about. But its all Sharon, and that makes all else forgiven.

Awesome model, perfect body in every way, gorgeous face, great attitude, beautifully displayed. Good job on part of photographer and model.

Sharon is simply irresistible. Too much beauty in one body. Feet, legs, breasts, the face, everything about her is incredibly tempting. Regarding this particular set, Antonio Clemens did the smart move: Focus entirely on Sharon's body, with only a single color as background, making her the center of attention. Great work.

Plump oyster.

This set is an example of a near perfect set with an extraordinary model. 10/10 for model and photog. Why is more not better.

Very orange set. Repetitive poses.

you have had little fodder today

I have to say I completely disagree. I am tired of overly "busy" sets where you can barely see the model amongst the clutter...bookshelves full of books are my pet hate...or models obscured by shower curtains or who constantly hold a bunch of flowers or an old style telephone (why?) in front of their face. An added plus is that there's no water, sand or bloody fruit within a mile of Sharon on this set. I love it; it shows off Sharon and she's wonderful. More please.

Sharon is quite beautiful. I like her eyes, hair, downy hair, labia, derriere and her trim - fit body.

Sharon, you are always beautiful.

Beautiful Sharon, You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Sharon is lovely in every way, those washboard abbs, lovely long legs, pretty face, lovely eyes. and that hair is awesome. I love that color, What would you call it? Golden blond? Honey blond? What ever, it is gorgeous. A fine woman in every way and very sexy.

Sorry but this set leaves me somewhat cold. IMO about 80 shoots would have sufficed, far to many almost same pose shots. No knock on Sharon she is fine, but the same background color on every shot almost washes her out. In many shots only dif is amount of zoom used on the lens. Sharon deserves better!

SWP, I agree with you only about the amount of pictures - with the apparent repetition of shots it could have easily been pared down to the usual 120. I have Sharon sets that I like better, but this one is good. I'm sorry you didn't see it my way. Sharon never leaves me cold, only hard ;)

No doubt Sharon is very pretty and performs well but the orange and static nature did not IMO do HER justice. Doug's detail pretty well spells out my complaint also. See/Read you tomorrow, if the boo birds let me sleep.

Sharon, sweetheart, you are absolutely luscious. I'm still transfixed by your ravishing bottom. It's too bad you weren't really in Ischia. You'd love it. It's a beautiful place, and you would have made it even more beautiful.

I have a new appreciation for stripes. Sharon, you are looking beautiful today, your eyes are so alluring and you body is so perfect, thanks for sharing.

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