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I never saw the shoes until I read the comments. Lots of shoe stores here in Michigan if that's what you folks are looking for. Meanwhile, I was looking at a very sexy woman. Shoes? Huh? Score 10 for high top Keds?

Nope, you don't get it.
The praise is not for the shoes... rather, for the model wearing them.
The shoes don't make the set... they enhance it.
When a woman has the right attitude and wears a sexy pair of heels and nothing else... dynamite!

Dear Mr. Rylsky,
after three completely ruined sets You finally created something nice. Unlike previous sets, this model at least poses nice.

I believe that my criticism helped a little bit.
Yes, sir, one critic is better than a dozen of admirers. You have a few fans here, who never criticize you. That can make an illusion in your mind, that you are the best. No, sir, not even close!
You can get closer to being the best if you are listen rather to the critics than to the admirers.

Even though this model is posing much better than models in the previous sets, the color is still unnatural and the model looking like a corpse. This is the most common your problem.
Make your models looking alive, change your photographer's manner, please. Doing that you can get you "the best" status earned, not donated by your fans.

The model is very nice though

Then again, I have learned over the years that if this guy is to photographer, I will have very low expectations.

I thought this set was crap!

Sharon is a beautiful, sexy woman, one of Rylsky's best models. One glance at the cover shot for this set, and I had to change my pants. Kisses all over, darlin'. You never, ever disappoint.

Sharon D - all woman and one of my favorites. A good mix of photos in setting, attire (just not the shoes) and pose.
Thanks, Rylsky for bringing her to us.

I appreciate a nice muff every now and then. Today, however, the many close ups of Sharon's clitoral hood, puffy outer labia, and prominent inner labia more than compensate.

Sharon is a truly beautiful woman. I thank her and Rylsky for this pleasant gallery.

oh those shoes. Those horrible, horrible shoes...

Gotta agree with you v-man_ger from a females point of view those high heels somewhat did not blend in very well within Rylkys black and white theme at all !! He should have picked a better pair to suit Sharon D's sexy black lingerie outfit and her gorgeous face and body they just simply did not fit in very well with her sexy sensual poses within this set otherwise Sharon D is still beautiful as ever :) regards from Outback Australia :)

open those pussy lips please

After three very low class photo-shoot this fourth set was like getting to the water spring after a long dusty dry road! ;)
Scoring 1-10

Model: 10
Photography: 8 Very nice erotic poses, about 40% of photos were under the acceptable resolution. Color was near 100% natural with an a warm overtone.
Special Note: In majority of explicit photos they could have been made much stronger erotic-wise if vagina were moistened with spread lips!! ;) hint for next time I hope.

Ooooooh, Baby !!

Blonde, high heels, and -- no hand-prints !!!

My "10" for today --

Fit, sexy, beautiful - Sharon is simply awesome - 10 every time!

Sharon is a beautiful goddess, with a wonderfully gorgeous body. She has a movie star kind of look about her. Beautiful blonde hair and exquisite, placid blue eyes. This seems to be a new fresh location for this set. Very nice.

she's perfect and a perfect pussy

Sharon is a gorgeous queen of beauty from the body soft and velvety.
Is a feast for the eyes to meet his blue eyes and to look at her body of a young woman naked and open without shyness.
Sharon is a serene and joyful beauty that gives joy to the heart through the eyes.
Is a party whenever returns.

The panther is just a pussy.

Confusing day... Whats with the panther?

First impression - should have got rid of those shoes!

I agree.
Is better a model barefoot.
But this time, let me, the shoes, are even beautiful.

I agree that the shoes were not particularly attractive. I would have preferred to have her loose the shoes after a few shots. But I can't say the shoes ruined the whole set. Maybe Sharon just felt more comfortable wearing them. I suspect it was her choice to wear them and keep them on through the whole set.

Okay, so to be fair, the shoes did not ruin the whole set, but for a lover of legs and bare feet (particularly Sharon's), keeping them on for the entire set just didn't work for me personally. I appreciate that everyone has their different tastes and fetishes, I just found the decision to not do at least a half/half kinda deal with the shoes thing questionable. I respect that it's not my decision, though. I still gave this set an 8, btw. If she had taken the shoes off after a few shots, it would have been a 10! So the shoes didn't kill the set, but they did kill the set's potential and that's what I was referring to. Just my personal opinion.

That was the principle reason I though the whole set was crap! More photographic bullshit!

Yeah, the shoes really killed this set. I wouldn't have had a problem if it were only for the first few shots, but to keep them on for the entire set? What the hell was Rylsky thinking???

Some of us are turned on by models wearing nothing but high heels. I don't know how to explain it, it's just plain sexy as hell!

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