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Look out... A real woman. Damn, 100% hotness.

I'd love to see the glorious Sheela clothed then in bra and pants. She would look absolutely magnificent!

Splendor feminae. Remarquablement belle.

THINGS I LOVE: Fascinating face, great hair, luscious thighs, gorgeous breasts, sleek yet puffy quim, more love for the hair (not sure why it's grabbin' me so much), inviting room, hypnotic eyes (I think I fell in!), sensuous-curvy-healthy-fit body (OMG!!), the feeling I had personally been invited into the bedroom (don't usually feel that from a set), glistening ..., more love for the face (81), 84!!, 88!!, 91

EVEN BETTER: experiencing what I was imagining, commentators who realize their opinion is just that ...

Sheelalooks very beautiful in the no pants look and even better in the no clothes look,since she has a perfect birthday suit. I do wish she would smile more, she has a very lovely smile. Arkisi has used a perfect setting for her.

I forgot to say I gave a 10+++ to both

Absolutely stunning. Sheela has been endowed with an incredibly ample body. She must pay a small fortune for her bras. I have written before, Ukraine seems to be the land of amazingly shaped young women. One can only wonder how so many Ukrainian girls grow up to be so endowed. I would love to travel to Kiev to do some in-depth research. I offer this comment with respect and admiration to the beautiful lady known to us as Sheela A and all the other beautiful Ukrainian women of MetArt.

Maybe I should have posted this here Neil... ;o)

"Not long ago Traveler’s digest magazine put Russia and Ukraine among the top five countries with the most beautiful women, naming Kyiv home to the world’s most beautiful ladies."

Btw... This was in Forbes, in an article about Ukraine Barbie...

Give it a few weeks before you buy the ticket.

If Mr. "P" has his way -- you'll be traveling to "Kiev-russ" !

Please, buy to Mr."P" one way ticket!

If 200, 000 western Europeans, North Americans and Japanese together with some Chinese all visited Ukraine and spent tourist dollars there this summer, it would give the Ukrainian government a financial shot in the arm. Putin may let Ukraine annex Russia.

Sheela A should learn how to smile; and get rid of the confused, sad, and blank look. Her long face takes away from her beautiful breasts and gorgeous behind.

Awesome breasts and she knows how to display them. Gorgeous face as well.

As usual, Arkisi does an outstanding job with Sheela. #72 (with his numbering system it's actually 73) is ususual, and so exciting. I just love it when natural lubrication is evident. Could be she finds the eroticism of a photo shoot just as exciting as we do!

Sheela is an all out delight and an absolute treat, lets have lots more of this bountiful beauty!.

Those beautiful NATURAL tits....wow

Sheela looks like she just watched "Silence of the Lambs".

it's her first shooting as a pro model, donnt be too harsh

A beautiful girl to be sure, but.....yikes! Those breasts sent me running for cover!! ;o) I'm sure I'd be drowned in "thumbs down" if they still existed, but breasts like these have no appeal to me whatsoever... I wouldn't even comment on this set, but I see no balance in the comments so far, and thought they needed some....;o) Cheers! Bottoms up!!
I should add, if this girl was to appeal to my taste, I'd be pretty unhappy about all the shadows that are ruining the best shots of her "other" assets! Arkisi is one of my favs, but even HE stumbles occasionally...

"Not long ago Traveler’s digest magazine put Russia and Ukraine among the top five countries with the most beautiful women, naming Kyiv home to the world’s most beautiful ladies."
I just ran across this and thought I'd share... But we all knew this...didn't we!?? ;o)

Corn fed!

Beautiful woman. Fantastic body. A little smile would go a long way.

Need better pics of that lovely behind!

Nice set! Sheela looks so delicious!

If it has not already been done, I hereby nominate this incredible young lady to immediate inclusion in the PP Club with all honors and privileges attendant. ( :
If it has already been done, pay no heed and enjoy...

One of the things I love about this site is the body variety of the models. Sheela's curves are simply magnificent. I look forward to seeing more of her, and more women like her.

Exactly ~ "magnificent."

My kind of woman. Exciting plentiful body. Very sweet face. Nice set. Would love to see more of her.

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