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In times of giving pleasure to a lucky soul, by way of being put to vigorous use, it seems that being utilized in the position in #50 she would risk injury from smacking herself in the face, #117 would be much safer

With boobs like this you could consentrate more on them than her pussy. Beautiful girl.

Fine job! Love Sheela's super-tight pussy and legs!!!

There is just something so amazing about this woman. I cannot stop looking at her face and subtle smiles. What a special lady.

A magnificent girl. Her huge breasts are her greatest asset, however she is, of course, beautiful all over. Enjoying her photo sets will give me hours of pleasure. Thank you for bringing her to us.

Sheela, how beautiful you are! I enjoy watching your beautiful body! And many thanks to the photographer to have captured your incredible beauty! 10/10!

Sheela's got one epic, hot body.
Beautiful, sexy poses!
Great job, Alex and Sheela!

Very beautiful and sexy babe; 10+. Excellent photography; 10+. I love the shots of her beautiful backside, and the sideways shots showing off her beautiful curvy buttocks. One of the best sets.

I am yours, your display is wonderful, I have reason, due to internet, to associate with you lovely one; you have displayed self very well. Most lovely are you. Your faceal is most allure, there is just something that has attraction with your face dear one.
May we call it magnetism, there is an attraction, one which has a strong draw. You do this with only your display,which is marvelous.
My hope is that you prosper, become rich and famous, get your heart desire, and settle into a life which is your expectation....

Fuckin' a.

OH, what a woman!!!!!!!!!! Breath taking away, substanceation of most desire, she is premire of all womanhood. What more could one ask? Sheela, Sheela, more of her please.....

Agree 100%

Stunning, just stunning, Sheela is beautiful and what a treat she gives us here, I need a lot more Sheela!.

PP member for sure...just wish I could meet it in person!

Corn fed uber babe!

Sheela is Georgeous.I think the feeling of vulnerability we get is because she thinks people will laugh at her modeling at 140 pounds. Real women have curves! Now if somt people would punch up her rediculous score it would help. 8.8 indeed! I gave her and Alex Iskan a 10++++

She sure deserves a 9+ score! I certainly hope that she has an inner assurance of her beauty, because she is GORGEOUS.

Sheela is Georgeous.I think the feeling of vulnerability we get is because she thinks people will laugh at her modeling at 140 pounds. Real women have curves! Now if somt people would punch up her rediculous score it would help. 8.8 indeed! I gave her and Alex Iskan a 10++++

I'm sooo not laughing at her.

If anyone laughed at her "140 lbs", it might be at the "40 lbs of breast"!

But I don't think anyone is laughing...

I can't think of many ways better to greet the day than a view of Sheela's mind-blowing curves.



Sheela is so amazingly beautiful. Everything about her is just so perfect. Please keep these sets coming. And please keep the photo style of this set and the previous set. These pictures really captured her beauty and sensuality well. And the face close up was great....she is so pretty. Thank you to all involved in presenting her this morning...it's going to be a good day. =D!

I feel that Iskan has got a way of bringing out Sheela's softer, more feminine side. She seems somehow vulnerable, but also courageous enough to explore that vulnerability and her personality comes out wonderfully in her expressions in these sets by Iskan.
Wonderful job, Alex and Sheela. Based on these two sets, I hope the two of you continue collaborating for a long time to come. ( :

Oh... REALLY nice freckles. ( :

Absolutely gorgeous Sheela. What an amazing womanly body. Slava Ukraine!

I don't suppose you'd care to define "womanly body"...??

IF you're referring to her breasts (and you most likely are), I know what women with breasts this size have to endure, and it ain't pretty!! She can most likely count the number of men who can tell her what color her eyes are, on one hand! And if she isn't already, she'll be spending a lot of time at the chiropractor's office. They may be nice to look at (for some) but they ain't fun to live with!!

I use the term "womanly body" to differentiate from a "petite cute little porcelain doll" or other feminine body types. I am refering to her weight and height and her measurements. Note that her waistline is 28 inches, only nine inches smaller than her bust. I assume my comments are read by the models and I know they are read by a lady named K. I try to be polite. I am sure that a woman would understand what a "womanly body" is. And I am sure Sheela knows she has large breasts. She buys the bras. Personally, I prefer feminine body types like Catherine's Nelly D who nolonger models and Rylsky's Chandra A who only appears on RylskyArt any more. Both have small breasts.

Yeah... Sorry Neil, I get a little carried away sometimes...and run off at the mouth. There's a few subjects I should avoid any discussion about.

wow ,what a girl ! Every bit oozes sex. My testosterone level is through the roof .

I really never liked big boobs until I had my hands daily on a nice pair... Big boobs are nice... Hanging boobs, are nice too (when they are the same length)...
She is really sexy, but I could fear how she will look in a few years...?

The sum of her features makes her so sexy, not just her big, beautiful breasts. Regardless of what happens to them years from now, she will still be the goddess i see today.

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