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Another REAL woman. Thanks

Sheela A, I love your boobs and your butt. I love your figure.

Nice job! Love to see Sheela's jugs, pussy and feet!

Gorgeous face and awesome tits, but her tits are not well displayed. Use the natural light to cast shadows and accentuate them. Tits like these should be featured and enhanced! 10 for the model but less for the set.

This is a great outdoor shoot by Leonardo,a good example of what he can do if he tries. And Sheela is a perfect model. I really hope she stays with us. I gave this a 10++++

Man, that is one HEALTHY lookin' babe!!!

Beautiful Woman.. MEDIOCRE Set

Sheela's glorious curves look just as amazing outside. :)

MA goes a long way to get beautiful models. The models put themselves out here knowing that anyone of us can make cutting comments. I deeply appreciate that they are doing so. I'd hate to be in that vulernable a position myself and I can only express gratitude that they do so. Not every model will runway model body type. I love the difference and enjoyed Sheela very much. We can say whatever we want but think about it before you type a comment. Jordan B doesn't pose on MA anymore and I think it was because of all the negative comments about implants. I'll be honest here, she was one of my favorites and I can't see her on MA... because of thoughtless comments. Enought said.

Hey Tirronan,

I think you're right about the vulnerability of nude models. One should always consider that it's not so very obvious for a young girl to take her clothes off for other people's sexual arousal. Some people will say that it's an easy way to make some money, I don't think it's that easy and it takes a lot of guts to actually do it.

Because of the above, I refuse to drag a model through the mud. This also counts for the majority of the members. So this is where we disagree.

Take Sheela for example. Of course some people will say her breasts are too big, but then there are others to defend her. If you ask me: I love it that a girl with imperfect breasts, is so proud on them. By imperfect I mean: when she lies down, her breasts fall to the side.
Is this a bad thing? Maybe one of the things that motivates Sheela to pose nude, is to actually show people that big breasts hang and fall to the side, but that this is absolutely not a reason for disliking them.

And to conclude: what a lovely, kind face Sheela has. This was what made me want to look at this gallery in the first place.

I think all (natural) breasts fall to the side when a woman lies on her back. The difference is how far they fall. :)

Please,stop the Outdoors madness!

The seller


Sheela is magnificent, what a beauty so delightfully posed, a nice amount of great close ups and nice to see some close ups of those glorious boobs, very nice set.

Boobs, tits, breasts, are nice, firm boobs, puffy tits, - Big boobs are nice too... However then they get a bit too big, they loose their beauty a bit... Her breasts, are to my taste, and perhaps others ... just a bit too big...

Her boobs are beautiful and they compliment her body. Look at the whole woman...face, body, hair...and omg, her freckles...not a thing should be changed. =D

Don't worry, I'll enjoy them for you. ( :

It's interesting how different photographers bring out different aspects of the models' personalities... Arkisi (of course) focuses on Sheela's sexuality, Iskan brings out her vulnerability and sweetness, and Leonardo's somewhere in between...
At any rate, this is a marvelous addition to Sheela's portfolio for which I am grateful to both. ( :

yes, fer, Not only is it interesting, it is a distinct advantage at this site to be able to see the different aspects by different photogs.

well said

I Can't stop looking at her wonderful face , and just beneath that a pair of GLORIOUS breasts she so generously shares with all of us! It doesn't get get better than an angel like this sharing her wonderful figure. She has all the right curves in all the right places. And her smile is simply amazing.

Her amazing incredible large breasts, butt, beautiful freckled face, hair , eyes and smile is the reason she is easily one of Met Arts tops girls right now!

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