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Ok, let's start from the beginning... Please take a look at the very first photos. Now say: is it an alive girl or a wax doll ?
It is very difficult to say looking at the Mr. Rylsky's photos.

Love the panties, I'd like to bury my face in them....

It is lovely to see Shereen back here. She has been one of my favourite models since I first saw her. Her eyes, whatever colour they are, are a window to her personality which is obviously very playful and fun!

Such a beautiful model. Thanks to her and to Rylsky for another wonderful set of photos.

What ever her name is, or the colour her eyes are, this young lady has always been one of my favourites, and it's great to see her again!

PS. I love the wax job!

Einfach schön das du wieder da bist. Danke

Bitte, Herr Rumpelheinzchen.

Shereen is an "old" knowledge.
A wonderful girl oriental look and latin charm.
Lively and cheerful seems fun to pose.
Very wise for his age is divided half for 'sha' half for 'unsha.

With a model like this the photographer must only follow it, she does it all

Not sure I fully understand? "Shereen is an "old" knowledge." Is that a translation of her name?

Or no.


Please stop this nonsense of tossing in an occasional B&W picture. What on earth are you thinking of? It just breaks the flow, and is very irritating.

It's a pointless gimmick, and you should know better.

what if we have members who like it? what if models like it? what if I like it?

Try to please all tastes if you cook anything. I bet you will never do it. But I will never ask you stop cooking if SOMEBODY enjoy what you did.

I like it for much the same reason that I like black-and-white movies. B-W has its own beautiful aesthetic. It's why Scorsese shot Raging Bull in black and white. Can you imagine Citizen Kane or My Darling Clementine in color? Right on, Rylsky!

glazer, Ry has done this very sparingly lately until this set. It happens that some of the Old Fart Brotherhood, who grew up with B&W being the only available DIY in the darkroom find them interesting. It is far from a gimmick and their inclussion is "nice" for some of us, how do they detract in anyway from your enjoyment of the 100+ color shots. If you download just delete them. Here just skip them, you don't have to look at them. Your preference on lot of things, tats, piercing, pubic hair, photshopping may be different that others, there will never be a unanimity of "taste".

Damn, wasn't Sundays sets fun. Three out of four of the girls were spectacular, and the comments were great. Thank you Ry, sailor, hipshot, fer, and everyone who played along. We bantered about without any trashing. Everyone took my teasing without getting upset. The strings became a comedic blast. I loved Ry's editorial comments about our "historic" perceptions of our opposing cultures. He didn't mention that our government portrayed all USSR women, except "Gymnasts" as either steroid freaks, or fat boring old ladies. Now we know some of the best "California" girls in the world come from the old USSR. Thanks again to everyone involved!!!

Rylsky has done it again. For a long time, I never the master received his true recognition for his work with Shereen over the years. The incredible facials in this, one and previous galleries, are incredible and outstanding. She is truly a perfect ten. Resembles the highly popular Disney princess and last year's "Dancing with the Stars"'s runner-up, Zendaya, quite a bit. Or should I say Zendaya resembles Sherenne, for Z's only 17, (goggle the Zendaya replay video). For a second I thought it was her. Anyhow, Sherenne is the grown woman here and looking great as always.

Sorry Sailor, I can't have Angel E left out. Another of my favourites, sporting exactly the same hairstyle and one I am particularly scatty about. (Just the same as Shereen and Candy Rose)

Happy to oblige. Angel is much to pretty to be excluded. I would never do anything to hurt her feelings.

I have viewed the 2013 10 21 set of Shereen pictures on MET. I DEFINITELY prefer how Rylsky presented her here as opposed to how MET mandates. It is not about pubic hair because she has all looks represented @ MET from shaved / waxed, to somewhat trimmed, to not trimmed. It is more about photoshopping.

I am such a putz. Obviously this comment should be at rylskyart, not here. Or, I could say that damned auto complete made me miss the "t" at the beginning of "here".
For the record I appreciate a model with tasteful pubes from time to time, as opposed to the pre-pubescent look preferred by most.

"pre-pubescent"? Funny how that word is never used to describe shaved arm pits.

It's not about looking "pre-pubescent", it's about looking clean.

This is a treat. This beautiful young woman from Kazakhstan who calls herself Shereen was featured on Rylskyart yesterday. Today she is here after a thirteen month absence. This beautiful sweetheart is so cute, so sensual, so alluring and so exotic. She has a new name, but what is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Shereen is possessed of such a charming and captivating face, with those deep dark brown eyes, luxurious satiny black hair and inviting smile. She presents an adorable petite but but sexy body, with all the lovely curves she needs to pack a real punch.

So, warm regards Shereen and very best wishes. I hope we will see much more of you. You are wonderful.

Sailor, it must be a rough day for you! Not a single Ukrainian girl today... First of all I agree with both Sailor & hipshot in there entirety. There are several things of interest about her. 1. To be honest I don't even remember knowing about Kazakhstan until now. 2. Her first several Met sets were under a different name. 3. She is still listed as "not trommed" and had three sets where they were flagged "unshaven". 4. Today she looks not just trimmed, but waxed or fully shaved. 5. On Ry's site she is listed as "Asian" 6. Her smile is beautiful.

Ry, Love the isolation shots,the head shots, and especially the fact you gave us some B&W shots. Been missing the B&W ones. You probably had fun with this one since you obviously let her play after you got the main part of the set and those shots worked well. All of this of course IMHO.

Did I mention her neatly trimmed bangs. Good hair...

2. Shereen is her choice
3. what is the problem??? tag her differently.
4. yep , so do you see a problem or maybe we are happy to see her all the possible ways ?
5. she IS asian. Kazakhstan is 80% asia, see the map, but as Turkey and Azerbaijan they are mix of the civilizations. You will hardly see the difference between Azerbaycanian and Iranian, but they are playing in different FIFA world Cup qualifying zones.

1. To be honest I don't even remember knowing about Kazakhstan until now

you knew it from day when you first time know about Yuri Gagarin or 1st Cosmonaut on your planet. He start his flight from Kazakhstan's territory


We were told that Yuri Gagarin was launched from a place called "that damn Soviet Union." The name Kazakhstan was not mentioned.:);)

same was in USSR. we didn't care if Texas is something near LA or NY. we thought cowboys drink coca-cola, shoot every minute, drink whiskey, chew "wrigley's" and play american football at the same time. and yes, we thought that KKK is same millions people walking to beat another color of skin ppl as police and afro americans are slaves and wanted to kill cowboys. who are "we"? yes, sure bears-like drunk guys with caviar on mustaches and balalaika (sure, we played only "kaalinka-maaalinka") solo - all the day instead of hifi systems.

stamps and cliches make us all as insects.

Wasn't that where Borat was from?

Borat's scenery used as mix of fake standards of people with insect's brain who never learned nothing except tvshops or comics.
and it was also very bad as joke. i mean first part of film , not "USA" part.

IMO that movie had a few hilarious parts and many insufferable ones. The most unfortunate was that JSB had to make Kaszakhs semi-primitives in order to expose the dunces in the US.

It is a shame what governments do to people. For so many years we were told that Russians all wanted us dead and all hated America. I am sure it was much the same in Russia about war mongering USA. All we saw on TV was Russian spies and huge army parades with thousands of soldiers and weapons to destroy the world.

Now it is more open and we are learning more about the countries that made up the USSR. The more people know each other the more we realize that we all have the same dreams and want nothing more than a safe and peaceful world to raise our children in.

There is a very large information gap to fill and we can not depend on the news to fill it. All they will show is war,violence, and the bottom side of our societies. Children believe what they are taught and my generation was taught that the USSR was evil. It will take many more years for that to change.

As for her being Asian for me Asian means slant eyes and hers are certainly not though there are others on Metart that are. There is much mixing in Europe. Through centuries of wars many different ethnic groups have controlled vast parts of Europe. Iran has some very beautiful women but to their shame most are never seen outside of their own families.

We all have much to learn and many prejudices to unlearn.

Your heart's in the right place, Hipshot. Your geography's a little off. Bansari, our lovely Filipina, is definitely Asian, but her facial features are Malay, rather than Sino-Japanese. (Her eyes don't slant.) Likewise, Shereen is Asian because Kazakhstan is in Central Asia, east of the Caspian Sea. Europe stops at the Ural Mountains waaaay to the west. I don't know the genetic name for Shereen's racial type offhand (true Caucasian?), but whatever it is, produces fantastic women.

Once again you have said more elegantly what I said in my latest post on this set. I agree with everything you say here. Especially,

"The more people know each other the more we realize that we all have the same dreams"

And these girls here sure do add to our dreams!

For so many years we were told that Russians all wanted us dead and all hated America
hipshot, it is biz for them
to sell to you any kind of fear is a best biz! tell the people about so many things that kills - and you will get all the people by your side and they will pay to you all the money. the only problem for them now is that they opened the world for all of us and we can SEE what we want, not to read what they (pilitics) want us to believe. Most of the wars started because it was good biz.

War is always good for the rich and bad for those who are sent to do there bidding.

Well said....

Yes. Love the hair. She and Candy Rose have that territory pretty much to themselves.

Shereen is 1) the first model I have seen from Kazakhstan; 2) unbelievably gorgeous; and 3) blessed with astonishing blue eyes that contrast hypnotically with her black hair and exotic features. This girl is magic, and Rylsky has surpassed himself photographing her. Beautiful.

astonishing blue eyes???????

What have you been drinking tonight???

Nothing. In every color portrait on my computer, her eyes are a dark blue the color of lapis lazuli. That's my story. and I'm sticking to it.

Bulletin from the eye-color front: I just checked Presenting Landysh, Shereen's lovely debut under her original pseudonym. Her eyes are dark brown. I suspect the blue eyes in this set came courtesy of PhotoShop. Only her photographer knows for sure.

"her original pseudonym"
she is SHEREEN. original, chosen by herself and see her profile here and now. please.

The woman in the set, who could be Shereen's clone, was called Landysh when the set was photographed (and when I downloaded it; a rose by any name…). Her bio page credits all her sets to Shereen, but check the cover line in her Presenting Landy… oops! Shereen set, She chose a new pseudonym and that's fine. No one thinks that Candy Rose is that beautiful thing's real name—and no one cares. We just love her—and all the other models who don't use their real names.

I concur about the dark blue eyes in this set. I don't fancy anyone, let alone Rylsky, messing with her eye color via photoshop. Could be colored contacts, maybe Neil will help us on that front.

Shereen's profile on Rylskyart states that she has black eyes but her headshot shows beautiful dark brown Asian eyes. They clearly are not blue. There is a blue tint in her eyes in some of these photos, probably from the lights. I can't imagine that Rylsky would use photo shop to color her eyes. That would be like bronzing the gold medal, very foolish. Rylsky is not foolish. And I can not imagine that such a beautiful young woman would give a second thought to using cosmetic contact lenses.

Probably grog...

Nope. The liquor cabinet is depressingly empty until tomorrow.

Look close on #36 - I see contacts!

well, another Detective in our agency.
arrest her.

OK Sailor now you ruined my day she is indeed wearing blue contacts! Girls :((( They always want to change something that doesn't need to be changed. Sad to say now that I have noticed them they have ruined this set for me. They do not look like they belong on her. They look fake and totally out of place. I don't mind the name change but this is NOT an improvement. Why mess with perfection. I'm going to my room and pout. :-(

Hipshot, pout not. I've always found that life is richer if you're inclusive rather than exclusive. Cut Shereen a bit of slack (very little IMHO) and you'll discover that she's still more beautiful than any woman has a right to be. I can't imagine what she was thinking with the contacts, but they don't change the shape of her eyes, her mouth, he pussy, her feet and other points of scenic interest. Just take a deep breath and plunge back in. Your smile will return, and other parts of your anatomy will return to soaking your trousers.

I agree with you Hipshot. Shereen clearly has dark brown eyes in her set on RA and all previous sets. I really did not want to believe that her eyes were modified in any way, but it is clear that it was wrong.. I even emailed Rylsky asking him to make a comment. "Please sir, say it ain't so." I am really quite disappointed and yet I do not know why I feel so disappointed or why it matters so much.

I think it is because a womans eyes are the window to her sole. they are her personality, The part of her wins our hearts, the part that we see in our minds when we remember what she looks like. Hair color is ok but changing the eyes changes everything.

I now have a unique copy of this set. Shereen has brown eyes like I like them! :p

Damn I love white panties! SHEREEN-A is a little temptress no matter what they call her. She has an absolutely perfect body and a face that cold launch a 1000 ships. Those dark twinkling eyes can pierce your armor and render almost any man helpless to resist her. This set is great from that standpoint because there are several close in facial shots and her mood and those eyes are the center of each shot and so different from one to the other. She is the mysterious enchantress, the playful child woman and any other image you what to conjure. Fantasy come true, THAT is Shereen.

Thank you Rylsky for bringing this angel back to us!

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