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Too dark and 'artistic'.

I totally agree with Doug. These women are beautiful, and most of the photography is great. However, there in my opinion there is too much Photoshop airbrushing, too much use of filters that take away from and hide the natural beauty, the detail that makes you feel like you're looking at a real woman.

Such a really pretty girl.

I like the lighting but would have preferred some shots with more normal lighting.

Would love to see a lot more of this gorgeous woman.

At first I thought the low lighting was going to ruin this set. Instead I was drawn into it. Sigrid you have such a beautiful face. You are just creamy! Varin nice job!

What a stunning beauty, I'd love to see her paired with Ennu A, such great contrast between this tall, shaven blonde and the cute, petite unshaven brunette.

Sigrid,you're an angel

The seller

Not a "great" set, but not a bad one either. With a model this good looking, there's a LOT of flexibility with lighting, as far as I'm concerned....;o)

I enjoyed this series a lot and was very much taking in by the "not typical studio lighting". It's a creative choice, and I understand that it works for some and not for others, but it definitely DID work for me. I loved it. Enjoyable in the extreme for me.

I especially liked shots like #61 - 65 where the lighting suggests something like a bathing suit/swimsuit bottom on Sigrid - something that "exists" where nothing actually exists.

This lighting really sucks, sorry, one man's opinion

WARNING: if you have OCD, lighting will put you into straight jacket!

What's up with this guy Albert, and muted light photography? Sigrid is an extremely gorgeous model and both her sets are photographed in shadows. It would be nice to actually see this models pics taken in a well lit room with clear, crisp, un-blurred photos. Can someone else photograph her?

I GREATLY AGREE! an incredibly beautiful young lady, and we have yet to see the utmost perfection and details of her beauty!! Sigrid you are gorgeous and a 10 to me,love to see more photo sets to come that don't take away nor hide all that beauty you posses!!

I agree...I dislike this lighting also....

Sigrid has followed up her sensational debut with a high quality photo shoot showing poise and personality. She is quite remarkable in that despite her her height, she exudes grace and elegance and, as she relaxes more, reveals a ravishing smile (e.g. image 14). The last 6 photos are delight in that they give us a glimpse of her personal style. This girl has a massive future in the erotic art world.

Sigrid is Victoria's Secret-model gorgeous, and focusing so heavily on her face, especially to start the set off, was a brilliant move. This is a face to launch a thousand ships... ( :

Very nice job by Varin:-) Sigrid is back!!! And we are all happy:-) She's Super Stunning and a really Dream to die for... Perfect in every details, this Big Sweetness deserves Big Kisses all over from Head to Toes:-):-) Thank You to exist Sigrid, and come back soon please...

She's gorgeous. I love a tall woman with long flowing legs. Many beautiful ladies here. Sigrid, you are perfect.

I didn't think it was possible to outdo the great first set, but this one is even more stunning. Sigrid is truly one of a kind beauty, and besides a great body and a gorgeous face, she has the "it" factor that's extremely rare. There are many pretty girls on MA, but Sigrid is in a class all by herself. She holds a viewer's gaze and returns it with calm confidence, not trying to pretend or to please, just being herself. Varin deserves to be praised for letting that quality come through and not messing it up.

couldnt agree more! She has "IT"... beautiful face. beautiful body. beautiful pussy. stunning eyes. and i love her long blonde hair. she is a goddess! a star in the making....

Yeah the lighting is great and really brings out her golden features. If I was to sum this set up in a phrase it would be "Sex at Sunset"

  • 2 years ago:

Hi Droog,

I am glad to hear you enjoyed the lighting. I see there are some complaints about it being "muted" but I personally thought it was an amazing setting for Sigrid. The play in shadows and golden hues I view as romantic. For me this is more realistic, how you might see a woman in true evening light as the sun is going down. Sigrid doesn't need studio lighting to look amazing and Varin proves that to us here.

Looking at the close up shots under hi rez esp. toward the end of the set, it appears she was genuinely enjoying the shoot. ( : Mr. Varin might have some charm...

I tell you what fer-realz those shots you speak of always leave me with a mixture of lust and jealousy :-P

Me too, brother. ( ;

Sigrid, you look great in these pictures. Albert, some interesting lighting here, I think I like it.

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