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truly like the model, but i can't jump on the photographer's bandwagon. i've only seen a couple of his sets, but they have all been quite similar, a little repetitive, set in highly backlit situations which fade out the body some, and he doesn't do any model's breasts justice.

Less than a month and Sigrid is back!!! I'm totally happy and my heart beats for Her♥ a lot, miao... The feeling with Albert is perfect. This Big (Tall) Stunning Doll with this Angel Face makes tremble my legs... And I think the legs of a lot of men:-) Thank You to exist beautiful Sigrid and come back soon, please. We are waiting for Your next Set or Video:-)

Could we have a photo set every other day plus some movies!

Would love to see her move so yeh on a movie!

Albert has found a wonderful Hungarian winner and presented her well. When you start your career here with one set a month for the first three months it bodes well. Obviously K agrees with the majority of comments and feels she deserves featuring on a regular basis. As we see her more her score may even go higher. Todays set is interesting in that it seems to say, "Ok I had my coffee now lets get to it." Her posing shows a natural affinity for presentation. Remember this is a "young" lady, be listed as just 18 years old. To be a teen and have that body we are lucky she likes being naked, because she also could be doing fashion, or any other form of modeling. A great new addition to our family.

I ranted about this a day or two ago without targeting it and will still not make it personal, but! Hey commentators ever think to engage brain prior to typing. While I have said repeatedly, of course you have the right to be boorish and self effacing but "WHY". I was raised with the matra "If you don't have something "nice" to say, then shut up!" Again a differnt standard should apply to the artist than the model. You want to bitch about the focus, framing, location, or photoshopping fine but don't "attack" the model. Think of it this way. If this was your sister would you question her hygiene? Or her choices on grooming. Remember as shown today when you do this you lose any credibility your comments have with those of us that try to make this experiment work.

Doug, your comments might be taken more seriously here if you did not use smiley faces at the end of each line like a 14 year old girl. When you write in cursive, do you dot your "i"s with little hearts?

Wait!!! I just realized! You might actually BE a fourteen year old girl; a very hairy thirteen year old girl!

Beautiful set. Sigrid is gorgeous and has a great attitude. The composition and poses are natural, interesting, and erotic. Great job of the part of both.

Force the models to take a shower first

Why?, Passion juice is sexy and very handy as well.

I gladly volunteer my services to help her shower or bath. I promise to give a through inspection of her every nook and cranny so when the photos are viewed in high resolution there will be no disgusting complaints!

Thank you very much

Dirty nasty anus

This time I can't agree... I don't see it papa.



It is natural pigmentation. Your rudeness to this lovely lady makes me sick.

Yet another wonderful set of photos from this elegant and graceful young Nordic beauty – she is reminiscent of a young Ingrid Bergman. How luv_lickn_clit can refer to her as a "delicious little blonde dream girl" is beyond me. At 5'11" or 180 cm, she must be one of the tallest models on MetArt! As a tall guy myself, I wish there were more.

Well Billyboy, she is delicious, she is a blonde, and she is a dream girl. 3 out of 4 ain't bad, is it? LOL

I adore the taller ladies. Two other Hungarians here are 5'10", Sunshine(according to DeltaGamma, not her bio) and Sandra Lauver, so I have to wonder what they feed those Hungarian women to grow so tall and lovely?

Goulash! What else!?? ;o)

Sigrid is a whole lotta gorgeous!! Those eyes could stop a freight train!! Great set of some GREAT photos!! Great job Sigrid and Albert!!

Great set. Sigrid is fantastic from head to toe. Excellent variety, from headshots (with eyes sharply in focus - Albert, you're my hero!) to pussy close-ups to everything in between.

Pic #2 - Imagine waking up in the morning with that view. It would bea wonderful life!

A breezy top and no bottoms always brings a smile to my face.

Sigrid might cause air traffic problems if she lives on a highrise.

What a beautiful set of photos! What a truly beautiful young woman. I love how sigrid is bathed in the sunlight through the window and the lovely cityscape behind her. Varin has found a gorgeous young model from Hungary and has captured her beauty perfectly. Sigrid is as beautiful as any young woman could ever hope to be. A truly wonderful gallery.

Awesome stuff, those opening bottomless shots with those lovely legs parted are fantastic, what a beauty Sigrid is and thankfully she's willing to share the whole of her phenomenal beauty here with us.

Lots more please and I'd love to see Sigrid paired up with some of Varin's other models like Ennu or Tofana!.

I forgot - Erotic paradise - my jism is flowing ...

LMAO! I haven't heard that word in forty five or fifty years!! Classic!!

Slender legs, soft skin, well definded small pussy - a pure delight!
I love the stand-up, non-spread full frontal pics, which shows the whole
body - not only the "parts" we all like to see ...

I join you in the appreciation of "stand-up, non-spread full frontal pics." Especially when our lady is so tall.

Delicious little blonde dream girl!

"Little"!!?? You must be in the NBA if Sigrid (at 5'11") is "little" to you...lol

Rachsback, unfortunately I'm not in the NBA. I simply neglected to read Sigrid's bio. My bad.

I understand... I use the word little without thinking about whether or not it's appropriate, or in proper context sometimes too... So actually...my bad ;o)

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