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Great set! Sigrid is so adorable (and juicy) would love to see a lot more please.

Beautiful girl.

The seller

Al's always got the right idea. keep up the good work sir....

A few shots make the whole set worthwhile. What an inviting pussy! If a model is going to shave, best to do the photo shoot on a day without stubble.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

That is unless stubble is part of the aesthetic, etc.

Certainly the case with my fave in several sets.

If they're going to airbrush that stubble, well, of course, it would be better if the girl were freshly waxed.

But really, "photoshopping" is anti-photography, anti-reality, anti-woman, anti-human in my view. At least on this site. If we're talking about manipulated photographs in another context, and they are understood to have been messed with -- another story.

See the banner at the top of this page? MA either needs to get rid of it or live up to it :-)

the disinterested ♎

True, stubble is "in". Look at all the guys with 3-day stubble on TV. I don't get why it's a popular look, must be the "bad boy" image.

I think some minor Photoshop with these girls is acceptable, after all what MetArt is selling here is fantasy. If there's an unsightly skin sore, I'd use the rubber stamp to get rid of it. But you are right that it's ridiculous to try to get rid of hair or large areas, because you'd have to do it for every shot.

Doug you are far from "disinterested", you are on a crusade. I think you're overworking it, you must have better things to do. Or do you?

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I'm certainly not disinterested in a chick's body hair! :-)

I can usually see very easily on my display that it in particular has been painted over with software, -- "photoshopped." I could write a book about why that is wrong -- and perhaps I have! :-)

As long as Photoshop is being used here to enhance image quality, I'm all for it. When it's used to take away from "photographic quality", I'm against it.

I'm still surprised that so many people here seem either not to notice or care about the degradation.

And no, Red, I don't have anything better to do than promote my "crusade" :-) That isn't to say I don't have other things to do as well, unfortunately or not :-))

What a beautiful face and smile!!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

33: is her armpit so distasteful that it needs to be photoshopped?
You'd think it being closely shaven would be enough.

Other suspicious blurrings in this set. She can't really be that bad, right?

the habitual habit-breaker ☜☺

"Love is joy with the accompanying idea of an external cause." - Baruch Spinoza

Sigrid, your beauty fills my heart with overwhelming joy.

A fundamental power. Like a thunderbolt.

Thank you very much for sharing.

With that stunningly beautiful face, slander and elegant figure, sensational legs and dazzling smile, Sigrid could be anything she wanted to be – filmstar, fashion model, glamour model etc etc. Absolutely stunning.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

...and slanderous! :-))))

With this fourth offering, Sigrid/Albert have cemented their place in my heart!! Absolutely adorable girl!! And I see only a slight resemblance to Seven...;o) Slap some DD's on her and it's a lot closer...lol

Simply one of the best euro babes presented here, however the quite obvious photoshop gives hints as to the motherhood of the young angel.

  • Zakk
  • 2 months ago:

Love it when the photogs include a few shots of the model in street clothes, being normal (as long as it is at the model's discretion). In Sigrid's case, that turtleneck really frames her absolutely exquisite face.

It's a shame this wasn't released yesterday, only because it would have been reminiscent of lolling about with Sigrid in bed on a lazy, sunny Sunday morning. Just stunning.

Another nice job by Varin!!! You're right fer_realz, Dream Sigrid remember me a little bit Dream 7 of 9 in the Star Trek Voyager series... Resistance is futile:-) Sigrid is in every way to Sweeeeet to resist, Miau... She's another Girl for a sweet start in this beautiful day. Thank You Sigrid to be so F&F (Fantastic & Fabulous) and a big KISS to You:-) Come back soon, please...

Resistance is futile. Image #79: refuse THAT face.

Images #7-13: What say you, brother Magwich: worthy of inclusion in The Association?

Sigrid's fifth set in three months, another fine piece it is too, Sigrid absolutely captivates with some great poses and Varin captures her in bottomless attire perfectly, with just about the right amount of close up shots of her lovely shaven delight, nice work.

Or four sets even, mesmerizing beauty obviously affecting cognitive processes in addition to a raging hard on.

One of those does tend to drain the blood from the skull, does it not... :D

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