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Ingrid is a precious gem, in blue at the end and ALSO naked in the beginning.
The series of pussy close-ups is unbelievable,perhaps the most extraordinary I ever saw on Metart....
As a conclusion, at the end I'd like to hold her in my arms and press tenderly ....
Now,as concerns the closeups, I'd give a FORTUNE to kiss her there softly, till she moaned and closed her thighs on my cheeks.....

Sigrid has all the stuff of a top fashion model: height, a striking face and slender body. I venture to guess she started as an aspiring fashion and was tired of getting the run around and found more stability as a nude model. I say this because I post on a few fashion blogs and have heard similar stories about a handful of former fashion models (many from Eastern Europe). Just because you are pretty doesn't mean you'll get work and the fashion industry is a lot more corrupt and cut throat than people often mention.

I was starting to fall in love with Sigrid after the first few frames. I loved this models set.

Something about Sigrid's smile just makes me feel good and fills my heart with gladness. I'll bet she's a super-sweet, kind-hearted girl. She's another of MetArt's flawless beauties, exquisite from head to toe.

Sigrid has amazing height at 5'11", in the company of a very few at Met - Candy Rose (whom I really miss), Milana K, & Tofana A are a few I found lately. The only thing I would ask Albert is to have a little more emphasis on her stature in some of the poses. This is a nice set and being an admirer of Sigrid, I think I'll keep it!

Side note - Apparently, Sigrid moved from Hungary to Ukraine from her last set. Just something strange I noticed.

Others have remarked on the unreliability of the bio/stats, kilroy... ( :

Look at the size of that Apple !

Mmmmm... there was an apple?

All hail the Queen; if she's not then the throne is vacant!!!

This tying back of the hair is a bad trend... To me it conveys a feeling of "restriction". I like 'things' "free flowing"..."unrestricted"..."uninhibited" evennn. Decent set otherwise...lol I like Sigrid a lot!

I don't like to see too much hair tied back posing, but I would argue that it does allow us to admire and appreciate neckline, jawline and ears, on their own merit as well as part of the whole package, in addition to adding variety beyond costume, setting, etc.

No arguement here. Not because I agree with you, but because it's pointless to argue over "opinions". ;o)

...then why bother disagreeing, even by refusing to express disagreement? ( :

Sigrid seems to really enjoy spending her time bottomless. What a wonderful habit to have. :)

I have a hard time imagining that she may be enjoying it more than I.

Agreed, I heartily approve of and support this habit. ( :

Sigrid's cookin' in the kitchen!
Well, to be accurate, the dining area, but "cookin' in the dining area" just doesn't trip off the tongue the way "cookin' in the kitchen" does... LOL And truth to tell, she cooks wherever she poses.
Very nice, Sigrid and Varin. I just adore Sigrid's classic fresh face and tying her hair to the side this way lets her face take center stage. Especially her warm, inviting smile... Mmmmmmm.
The clothed outdoors shots at the end are especially nice. Seeing them I have to wonder why Sigrid didn't go into fashion modeling? She certainly seems to have the looks for it. Thankfully she chose to come to MA and share her beauty with us. ( :

Fabulous, this beautiful girl poses magnificently, flaunting majestically, more, more, more!.

♥ ♥ ♥ What for a living Doll is ♥Sigrid♥!!! Doll!!! Doll!!! Doll!!! Tooooooo Beauty ♥ ♥ ♥

Paradise Apple ! such a sweet taste !!!

Sigrid looks very yummy from her kitchen with that awesome body.

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