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I really like this set and model. I wish the photographer, Angela Linin, would do a more revealing set like this with the model Toxic.

I usually don't like outdoor sets but like anything Angela Linin does.

A very nice young lady! Hope in the future we will see more of you inside on a bed or in for a shower!

This shoot sums up why I love Met-Art beautiful girl, brilliant photography and lovely scenery in addition to Sima A.

thankfully a set that is not just a gynocological exam in a sterile environment.

Always love a set where the setting inspires the model to reveal herself - inner and outer - feeling confident and assured. I, for one, joined Met-Art for moments like this discovering Sima discovering Sima. I found her natural beauty perfectly in sync with the natural beauty surrounding her. Her eyes mesmerized me absolutely. I could listen/watch stories her eyes told me for hours. A fascinating young woman with fascinating ways and a fascinating, erotically sensual way of being. She drew me in, slowed me down and rewarded my awakened attention. What a refreshing, unique beauty she is - precious to find here. Thanks, Sima, Angela Linin, and Met-Art, for giving me more of what I don't find anywhere else on the net.

Loved the set. I see so many wonderful young women on this site, over time it almost dulls the mind - beautiful, sexy, cute, hot - the wonderful parade goes on and only every so often am I stunned to the point of where I actually walk through each image, where my imagination throws itself all in. Since I am a fan of having sex in open fields in the summer the background works for me and starting off with that excellent Bohemian blouse fired off great memories. Still, I've never commented on a set in the past, and I'm not sure I would be doing so now were it not for Sima A. That smile is somewhere between a smirk and a simple expression of joy; it betrays an intriguing person. And, of course, her body has all the "intriguing and fascinating" features Neil mentions above. Looking forward to more sets and I can't think of a place where I would not want to see Sima A modeling.

Please feel free to continue commenting in the future.

Even though I'm not a big fan of outdoor sets, this one is pretty good. The exposure is right and we even have some closeups. I don't mind the occasional obstructing flower since the photog gave us some pics without them in the way of her lovely dark pie.

stupid flowers

The "poppy field" is no doubt a metaphor in this 'piece'. At least that's how I see it. I was 'put off' by the cover shot with the "field of flowers" and almost didn't check this set out... Sure glad I did! What a sweet little angel this Sima is... Don't understand all the complaints about the flowers when every delicious square inch of her body is revealed by the end of the set....(?) The only "flower" I focused on is the one beautifully displayed in nos.69-79 and many others thereafter. Not a bad debut... Looking forward to some indoor sets of her.

The placement of the flowers makes the diffence between biology and art. Nice close ups of Sima's face at the end of the set.

What lovely flowers! I was a bummer to see the flowers being blocked by Sima! I pay good money to view flowers on MetArt and I don't need them to be blocked by beautiful women. Damn! :)

Cute little thing.

Sima is gorgeous with an awesome body and perfect breasts. I agree with ergo that the flowers detract from the set. So does the jewelry.

I do not wish to be crudebut, Sima has an intriguing and fascinating pattern of color shades on her vulva and and labia minora. This seems to be particularly common among the Ukrainian models. Sorry Sima, I peeked.

A beautiful and exotic young woman in a breath-taking setting. Add some pretty and delicate flowers for visual interest . The formula for a perect photoset.
Is this setting in in Russia or in the model's home. Ukraine?

Great presentation, Sima. You are a beatifully fresh look for metart. I look forward to see more of you.

Nicely pruned trees.

Cute girl with a really nice ass

A very pretty girl who knows how to lure you in by being cute and endearing -- then zap you with her sensuality....
Sima and this set both get a 10 from me.

Flowers so not needed.

Sima's flower is more than sufficient!


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