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No! I can't see any similarity at all, and this Simona is way way sexier.

She looks a lot like Simonia A from back in 2007 and was a blonde then. Same girl?

Not unless she got a breast reduction and somehow grew her labia as well... ( : Simonia is incredibly beautiful and thanks for drawing my attention to her. But they are NOT the same woman. ( :

Yeah her teeth are different but they remind me of esch other

I don't understand all the pussy shots that basically look all the same. Simona, it would have been nice if you had opened yourself open more to show the beauty that awaits within or more shots of her very sexy body and face. And maybe flirt with us more!!!!!

Great looking new girl and some great looking pics of her!! In a great location!! What a gorgeous headboard!! Varin for president!!! ;o)
Simona, you are most welcome to come back as often as you like...XOXO

Just a wardrobe question. Never quite understood the belt around the waist and nothing else. Am I missing something?

Well....you must be missing something, I just can't say WHAT because this appeals to me but I can't really explain why.... (???)

Maybe her mother told her to always keep her clothes on ??


LOL "Maybe"!!?? I think you just may have something there dread...LOL

Say "cheese", baby!

I'm nominating Simona for the PP Club. ( :

Seconded ...

Passed and adopted!!

Simona A you look great.

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