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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

sexy girl more of her please

Hello, Ms. Sandy

I hope to see more of you around these parts in the near future.

Lovely lady 9.9 - 10 if she wasn't clean shaven. Would be so much sexier with some trimmed pubes.

Nice girl; she looks all washed out though with that awful red background. Not a lover of plain sets at all, give me a girl posing in the bath or on the bed anytime; looks so much more natural and a lot more pleasurable. Just a thought!

I agree. I can't wait to see her in bed!

  • 1 year ago:

Hi All,

On many occasions, when it is the first time modeling for some girls, we start them in a studio set. We like to debut the girls with a set that is all model and no distractions. We don't always do this of course but I think at times its beneficial. In any case we will surely have more sets of Sindy on the way in a different location for you :)

love every inch what a doll

Sindy looks like a young Shannon Tweed. Very sexy!

That's good to know.... Now tell us who the hell is Shannon Tweed???

Actress, did some softer porn. Now is Gene Simmons' wife. I do see resemblance to her younger years.

WOW! What A Doll!! VERY nice debut....they MUST have the wrong artist credited here...this is much too good to be a Helios set! ;o)
Welcome sin'dy...;o) Leave your clothes off and stay a while, please. :o)

And whoever decided that Sindy's tits are "medium" is smokin' the wrong stuff!! ;o) I see VERY NICE "small" tits!

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Rachsback,

I see that now, to me when I first glanced at them they looked medium. I will correct this now, thanks!

lol Oh! Was that YOU K?? Sorry to be so....'smartass' about it. I really didn't think that you input all the stats... It was an honest mistake and I won't hold it against you...;o) XO

Rock, Since when are you sorry to be a smartass? LOL

Only to K...;o)

  • 1 year ago:

I'm special ;) But seriously please feel free to let me know here or at k@met-art.com if there are any corrections to be made. Thanks!

Pretty girl. Nice set.

Sindy, you are gorgeous. perfect hot body. i love your boobs and your nipples.
thank you Sindy for your open legs shoots. thank you for the close ups yo your delicious pussy. thank you for the close up of your two love holes.
thank you Sindy and thank you Luca for this nice set.
come back Sindy.

I agree with all the other comments - she is really top class. I also support her elention to the PP club. It is not often that one sees a pussy which is so fully closed and which the opens to the extent that one can see the inside.

One thing though - it would enhance her impact if the hairs are cut very close before her next session. The stubble is a bit of a distraction, and I want to see her in the most beautiful way.

It's official, with your and bibblefuss' seconds, Sindy is officially inducted into the PP Club, with all rights and honors thereto attending. ( :

So much to love about this set, and Sindy's magnificent body. Welcome!

What a pretty smile Sindy has!
I'm nominating her for the PP Club, posthaste... do I have a second? ( :

It works for me! I'll second it or maybe 3rd or 4th?

A second only for YOUR club fer... ;o) We have entirely different tastes in this regard, so I have a club for those who prefer an "emerging oyster" over the "closed clam" variety....;o) "Dominika" is our Queen!! :oD

So Rock, what is the name for your club, LL for Lotta Labia?

"LRU"...(Lips-R-Us) ;o)

Both kinds appeal to me, strange I suppose. Meila is the queen of the "closed clam" variety.

Naw, The queen of the closed clam butch is Macy!

Your reservations are duly noted, Rock, thanks for your two-cents' worth. ( :

LOL It's worth all of two cents alright! LOL ;o)

APPC - Absolutely Perfect Pussy Club. The rest of her is damn nice, too.

Damn nice but not that good, That's reserved for a very special few.

What a statuesque young woman! Lovely body, firm and solid. Beautiful firm breasts, delightfully formed to perfection, tight butt and legs. Pretty, with a nice smile and a relaxed manner you seldom see in new models. I think Sindy has a place in the Metart lineup and I'm looking forward to seeing more sets from this lovely blond.

Thank You Luca for another nice find.

Sindy, you are beautiful. A very big welcome to Metart. Come back soon.

Sindy, you are beautiful. A very big welcome to Metart. Come back soon.

Very beautiful debut set.Sindy is going to be a gem in MetArt.

Fantastic, what a debut, Sindy is jaw droppingly beautiful, I hope we see a lot more of her very, very soon.

Welcome sweetheart. Thanks for sharing EVERYTHING with us.

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