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Anyone know what the Black/Gold MD on the Jeep spare stands for? I think I've seen Sofi bios where her nickname also stats with an M. Merinda or something.

sure would like to see her spread her pussy like she did in the old days!!

I doubt Sofi needs breast reduction. She is very beautiful and I for one am glad she is using waxing or laser, to clean up the undercarriage.(americn model speak for opening of anus and vagina)She was getting a serious case of razorburn.

This marks Sofi's 87th appearance on MetArt and I never tire of seeing her again and again. There is so much subtle beauty, her eyes, the little upturn at the corners of her mouth, and...yes I like larger breasts. She is my very most favorite model on MetArt.

I think that our species is meant to attract in our younger years because everything about us like big boobs on girls does the double duty of attracting guys as well as breast feeding. Whatever happens to a womans' s breasts as she gets older I'm still not a fan of silicone. Breast reduction I suppose could be a necessarry evil if it's causing her pain. Also on the subject of stubble. It's hard to explain why it turns me on anymore then some out there can explain being turned on by feet. I could maybe think that its like a flag of puberty and maybe when we were boys its the first difference we noticed on girls as curves don't come till later for a lot of them. Maybe to when I look at stubble I know I'm looking at a flesh and blod creature and not a manequin or a twi dimensional picture

Sofi rocks, period. I totally love this sweet babe!

Nice Jeep!!! Sofi lookin' sweet as usual too...;o)

all you huge breast fans. Go to an adult dating site and look at all the 30 somethings with their huge saggy breasts with monster aroules. If that is attractive to you then bless you because there are millions more out there.

You must not be looking in the right places my friend.I have seen women that are in their 30's.40's and even early 50's have breasts this size and still look good.

Some women have crap genetics or they eat to many Whopper Jrs those are the ones you seem to be encountering.Their are better ones out there trust me.

Sofi doesn't not need breast reduction. Any woman with breasts like that needs to be celebrated, and be the light to stand against the darkness of the silicone empire, and guys with a shallow sense of sexuality.
I will say that I find her a lot sexier with her armpits well stubbbly, or at least a few days growth like in her earlier shoots. It's starting to look like she's waxing or using laser, and that takes away from sensuality for me.

"doesn't not need" is correct! Because she certainly DOES!

Breasts like that are NOT attractive and neither is stubble. In a few years those breasts will be down to her navel and she will hate them. My wife looked like that in high school and now they look like half filled water balloons and she complains constantly that they hurt and she wishes she could get them drastically reduced.

Well, at least now we know how to make a Jeep look good.

Sofia is such a natural Beauty! I don't feel Goncharov did her justice with his terrible exposure's on this photo shoot...

Still one of the prettiest girls on Met-Art. Sensual and natural.

Sofi needs breast reduction.

You're out of your fricking mind!

Always so beautiful, I am a fan of Sofi. A wonderful body and pretty smile. Her sets are sensual, natural and free. Thank you Sofi and Goncharov, a beautiful set and always love to see the beauty you bring...

Love that girl. Why does she have to pose with that ugly truck?

Jeeps aren't ugly!



One of the sexiest women on this website.

Much prefer her photos like these as opposed to the ones where she it looks like she could use a weed wacker.

I noticed nothing but the massive boobs and pretty pussy. Fabulous

Very beautiful, very sexy girl!!!

I agree, shots could have been a little closer

Settings amount to "9", and pick quality -- generally -- to "7" and "8"...; I'll settle on "8" in this case!

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