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Most beautiful pair of tits i've ever seen.

One of your best ever, Sofi. Gorgeous, sexy, noble. Thank you.

Hello Beautiful Sofi, the angel of my life... I finally return to Met Art to catch up with your content. You might know me in some form of Mark, I have met you on MetCams a few times in the past. I've been enjoying your other galleries and videos elsewhere. I hope you are doing well in life. Your breathtaking beauty still brings me happiness and joy.

Sofi is one of the most beautiful girls Met Art has to offer.

I think that Sofi is very beautiful,espically when she relaxes and just gives us Sofi smiles.

Mr Goncharov, I loved each pixel of this magnificent photoset. Sofi is beautiful and you sir are a wonderfully talented artist. Thank you for sharing such remarkable beauty.

Sofi is no less than perfect in this set. All other adjectives shrink to insignificance when writing about such beauty.

I definitely like her hairy in all places.

Sofi is just so hot. With those superb heavy breasts, huge nipples, generous labia & often hairy pussy, she never ceases to get the sap rising!

Always has a happy smile for us too....love you Sofi xx

Very large and full breasts that she carries very well. A very sweet pussy to compliment her full breasts.

I don't think any other model on MetArt "does it" for me like Sofi and I think Met gets some (if not ALL) her best sets. She really is the definition of flawless beauty.

The awesome, legendary, and beautiful Sofi, one of God's masterful creations. Adequately portrayed by Goncharov! Keep it up Met Art! This is how it should be done!

I never know whether Sofi is going to turn up slick or fuzzy. I much prefer the slick Sofi.

Sofi definitely has a way of keeplng us gentlemen guessing. But shaved or not she will be back in another set and she will be beautiful. A most remarkable young lady.

To me, Sofi is one of those where it doesn't matter much. Check out #94, with the shape of her inner labia contrasted against her trimmed hair. That picture wouldn't be near as hot if she were hairless. I have to agree with Rags25, I prefer little to no hair down there, but there is something about Sofi that allows her to look good either way. It's probably those amazing full labia.

Sofi's breasts are incredible, not just for their size, but for their beauty. And she carries them marvelously. Her pussy is another asset that is superb, with its well developed labia and I agree, it looks better hairy.

Don't forget her ass!

Well said Gary. Her breasts and wonderful hairy pussy are truly amazing. The only things i would add are her eyes are also incredibly seductive. Her gaze screams sex. and her ass is a masterpiece. Sofi was clearly designed for us all to enjoy.

Sofi has been one of my favorites for a long time...those beautiful natural breasts...what a feast..!

Sofi in white lace.
I'd say, "impressive" but Sofi is impressive by definition. So, I'll have to come up with another adjective...

Have to agree with you hipshot131 its nice to see Sofi A back again she does have a great butt,legs not to mention her lovely large breasts i'm not usual fond of hairy pussies but there's something very unique about her and her sets with Goncharov actualy one can see him with sofi A's set at the beach with her hippy dressed up Motoguzzi Cheers !!

Great butt, nice legs, unique trim job, nice pussy.

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