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I'm not attracted to prosperous girls, but Sofi is another thing.
A real gorgeous beauty.

Sofi is one of my all time favourite models. Stunning all round natural beauty; however this set isn't up to her or Goncharov's usual impeccable standard. A little lame sadly.

Sofi is my top model on MetArt..love her to death..spoken to her on live cam..she is totally beautiful and very nice to talk to..its kind of weird and perverted but I had to blow up a pic of her and made a poster in my dorm..now all my friends wants one:) Sofi if you are reading this my thoughts and dreams of meeting a woman like your self is still on approach..xoXoOx

I know i'm in the minority here, but I never liked water shoots. Video is great but pictures just get distorted from the water drops. Especially shower scenes where there is a water trail. I would love this to have been a movie and Sofi is amazing.

Generally, I agree with you about all-wet shoots, although there are always exceptions. Sofi would have to be one of those exceptions, although I would have liked to see some shots before she got all wet.

Why do you think you are in the minority?

I will never, ever tire of looking at this girl. What an amazing body and gorgeous visage.

It is easy (very, very easy) to be distracted by Sofi's front, but I have always thought that she also has one of the better derrieres going.

Sofi has been a favorite of mine for years. Those beautiful natural breasts...that amazing body...Sofi, you're amazing. I always look at your set first...keep them coming

It would be nice to take a shower with Sofi:-)

Dare to rream!

Oh man...that's a good one, Neil. Sofi is so totally hot, she has us all dreaming or...

Sofi is totally hot,but I think the conception is weak and poorly executed. Again, its Goncharov throwing things together to have something to publish. He can and has done MUCH better with Sofi.

On my book, she is one of most beautiful women in the world. Perfect body from all angles. Beautiful face. Love this women. Always thrilled to see her. Hope to see a lot more of her!

Sofi A never fails to amaze me. When I see her body, and than look into those deep blue eyes, I'm already hypnotized by her.

also really like the dripping wet, just got out of the shower look.

Sofi is the ultimate fantasy girl. she was perfectly built for a man to enjoy.

Sofi A is a stunningly beautiful woman and Goncharov has mastered the art and science of capturing her amazing beauty. One could hardly imagine anyone else photographing this remarkable woman. Conversely, Sofi has mastered the art of posing for Goncharov with amazing grace and ease. Together they have consistently created beautiful photosets. Sofi is possessed of such wonderful feminine physical features. She is a true joy to see.

I personally find the appearance of a beautiful young woman with wet hair to be especially appealing. I love the look of the long wet hair draped over her shoulders and breasts. It seems to conjure a sence of delicate vulnerability and highlights the woman's sensitivity. That of course is only my opinion.

Anyone of my generation who watched Ursula Andres imerge from the ocean in Trunderball (1965) would agree that a beautiful woman with wet hair is the epitome of feminine sensuality.

I agree, even though I think you mean "Dr. No," the first James Bond film. Ursula wasn't in "Thunderball."

Yer, you are correct. But Claudine Auger looked good in the surf in Thunderball.
Both women prove wet hair is sexy. My mistake. :)

Did we need water ???

Wet is good. :-)

Sofi is one of my all time favourite models and I love looking at her body but this set is completely uninspiring in terms of setting. Goncharov you can do better.


To my libido, peace of mind, ability to concentrate—stuff like that.

Ah ok that makes sense.I was gonna say if she caused you fear and anxiety I would be concerned for your mental state.

You should be concerned anyway. :)

Sofi is one very sexy lady. She obviously works well with Goncharov, and the result is a beautiful, disturbing set. Those rear views are especially inspiring.

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