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MORE VIDEOS Please !!!!

With or without clothes, Sofi is my favorite girl

Speaking for myself and maybe a few otthers I'd like to see Sofi with body hair again.

Of course I have noticed for a long while that the gallery and videos releases are very random based on actual time. So it's hard to say sometimes how old or new it is.

I ca agree with that :D

Sweet woman, awesome rack.

I love Sofi and I love this set. 100 per cent natural goodness. What's wrong with seeing a lovely woman with her clothes on? Or off as she has in many photos in this set. Absolutely delightful either way.

You know, sometimes I wish I was Goncharov himself, for the sake of being with Sofi A so regularly, she is a wonder to behold.

So, then Sofi A is from Finland background? I think I finally figure it out :D

Sofi is my dream girl. Yes, thank you Met Art, these are my favorite types of galleries of Sofi A.

Image 33, I don't mind that most of Sofi's body is hidden, her smiling face is captured perfectly.

and image 35 she is just so adorable, I wish I could hug her.

such a pretty dress shes wearing too, reminds me of a medieval milk maid

Sofi is a remarkably beautiful young woman and Goncharov has made a science of capturing her incaparable beauty. Sofi is possessed of an uncommonly gorgeous womanly body and a natural self-confidence which allows her to pose with poise and ease. The Ukraine seems to be the home of many supremely beautiful women. Sofi is a perfect ambassador from such an enchanted land. Very warm regards to you Sofi and best wishes. Dressed or nude, you are beautiful. It is always a joy to see you.

Magnificent mams!

What is Femininity ? : Sofi

Goncharov, master of eroticism, highlights its splendor to the delight of the eyes

Sofi is a fabulous model, but I frankly liked her set Lushan better. Also, she seems to have hit on a grooming method that works. This is good, as she is VERY subject to razor burn and skin rashes on the pelvic area and undercarriage both. She is skilled enough to work totally nude,some of her best sets are totally nude from frame one, like Lushan, and she does much better when she can just relax as in her Meditation movie by Fenex The costume choice is poor and this is just outtakes from her previous sets at ehis log cabin.

I for 1 personally love her Orchard movie above all the others, especially when she lets her hair down.

What is up with the non nude shots in this photoset? Sofi A is one of the curviest models to grace the sets of Met Art. At least she could be completely nude showing off her body, instead of flashing her tits and showing her ass. I have seen better sets with Sofi A.

I am a big fan of Sofi's. She is one of the finest women on the site; however this set was not one of her best. Although undoubtedly alluring in the dress, there were too many total coverage pics and I would like to have seen it discarded at some point! That said she still smoulders in many of the pics and I cant quite bring myself to say I am disappointed! Frustrated maybe?

Sofi, beautiful Sofi, you are teasing us today, hiding those wonderful curves. You are very lovely.

Sofi can't disappoint for sure.

K, I disagree with hipshot, especially as far as this set is concerned.
Sofi is a personal favorite of mine as well, and she looks absolutely adorable in and out of the gorgeous minidress. And images # 60, 64, & 65... wow! FINALLY we see Sofi "opening up." Amazing.
I'd like to have seen more shots like that in the set, but by and large I really liked this set.

Sofi is one of the most beautiful girls on the whole site. Because we have seen every inch of her before, it is quite nice that she is not naked in all of the pictures of this set.

We have been on a run for the last several days but today was definitely not worth staying up for! 4 dull sets that didn't spark any interest from me at all.

  • 2 years ago:

Hi Hipshot,

I am sorry you didn't like the models today :/ Sofi is one of my personal favorites and I was sure Cordelia would be a fantastic addition. What are some of your favorites?

K Since I don't like to say things that would hurt the girls I sent you an email.

Hi K I think the problem is that Goncharov and Fenix are running out of ideas,like Georg Shoes did with Lizel. Lizel has a new photographer, and she is back to making 10/10 photo sets. I think Sofi needs a new photographer to shake things up, the difficulty is that many models are touchy about who they will work for totally nude, for example many models on Met don't work for The Life Erotic and so on. Maybe you could break the idea to Sofi or her agent(if she has one)

K-Content Manager, can I get your email address? I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask in private.

Thank you.

  • 2 years ago:


You can also email me at K@met-art.com. Thanks!

Hi Browning, if you click on E MAIL YOUR COMMENTS and send an e-mail, Kay will get it.

Thank you Neil, I appreciate that very much.


Thanks hipshot131.

"K" - I wouldn't say that it is the models, I would say that it was the poses and photography, and in the case of this set, not much full nudity.

Sofi is definitely a fan favorite (and I like her, too), yet I find myself agreeing with others that this is not her best set.

As large breast go Sofi has some of the largest here. And they are just as spectacular now as they were 5 years ago when we first feasted on them. Even playing peek a boo with them like today, they still dominate.

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