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Sofi is the definition of Goddess. She exudes confidence in her divine body, and smiles enticingly at the camera - teasing in the knowledge of the pleasure she could undoubtedly give you. She knows that you want her - and her elfin grin promises, tantalisingly at what you might expect if you were lucky enough to have her. Pure rapturous joy!

Photo # 28 evokes a most primal lust in me, this young lady is just all woman!!

Sofi is a godess of love and lust. The pic of her fantastic rear and huge pussy poking out of the water is orgasmic.

What a great day! Zelda and Sofi! The only problem is I can't decide which I prefer.

Thank goodness we don't HAVE to choose! ( ;

Sofi is a fantastically beautiful woman! I really like her breasts, areolae, derriere, labia, eyes and her zero reservations about allowing Goncharov to capture all those treasures and share them with us. Bravo to you both.

Sofi is her usual incredibly beautiful and sensual self. But the last set of Sofi that broke new ground was Fenex's movie Coccoon starring Sofi. Check that one if you like the way Sofi smiles, laughs, and speaks (with her mouth full sometimes, and an interesting choice of diet,a salad and a humongous chunk of cheesecake.0 This is the third set that Goncharov and Fenex have done of Sofi in that pool at Goncharov's plus Fenex has done some of Sofi at the pool at the fitness center.I have asked K. to please discuss this with Sofi or her agent, but it entirely may be out of K's hands. since many models are Very touchy about who they work with fully nude(Goncharov broke Sofi in, she was a Met virgin, and scared to death, as you can see in Garoncharov's Presenting Sofi.)However, If you compare this with G's Presenting Sofi, you can see that Goncharov has run out of ideas. Sofi, of course, Being Ukrainian has to carry the cross of being incredibly beautiful, sensual etc, in this life, as Nikita Kruchev(who was a coal miner from the Donbass like Jenya D) used to say(while claiming he was NOT religious)

My favorite movies of Sofi are "Meditation," "Ville," and "Seduxia."
Gotta check out "Coccoon," thanks for the recommend, seadog.

5seadog, I agree. Sofi is one who could definitely benefit from being seen through a different lens. If one photog has 'run out of ideas" as you say, then it is high time to get a fresh look from someone else. It doesn't infer that Goncharov is doing a bad job.

I would love to see how Rylsky or DeltaGamma would capture the lovely Sofi. It would certainly re-spark my interest in this very popular and well-established model.

Hi Kilroy-I totally agree. You should add Erro to the mix, or his site, ERROTICA. I think he or the few photographers he uses could do wonders with Sofi. However, many of the models that Erro uses have signed long term contracts with Erro,like Danae or Iveta, or Antes/Altea or Chiara.

I've thought about adding that one (Errotica) in the past, more recently thought about adding RylskyArt, but my time is already taxed and I just don't think I have the time to devote to enjoy another site.

Hi Kilroy those site should have some of Catherine's sets of Nastya K and Susanna C on sex art added. All three know when to let models who are special friends go for it. That goes for rags25 as well.

Sofi is looking spectacular as always. I just want to know who's the cheese-dik that used the tag "implants"? Sofi has always showcased those "heavenly hooters"; which look as natural as natural can be.

I ignore the tags, they are f-ing useless. Those are natural bosoms indeed, you can tell by the way they offer Sofi some natural floatation assistance ;o

Sofi's Body is great, of course. But I like also very much her waggish smile.

Goncharov at his best--a classic model, total nudity, no stupid costumes.

best angle and pose of her feet and toes in photo 16, almost wish I could tickle them

Any Photo where I can clearly see her beautiful blue eyes, I always give a 10. Even if Sofi isn't nude, she's an angel.

nut with the added bonus of her full breasts in image 14, I'd give her a 20 if I could

hahahah but* I meant

Come on now, Freudian slip. You really meant nut. Ditto for me.

Yep, don't even bother trying to play that one off, Markus, we all know what you meant. ( ;
Not that we aren't thinking exactly the same thing. ( :

Thank you for the visit, Sofi, most beautiful Sofi. Looking at you is best way to illuminate my day. Come back, soon.

Its Lovely to see Sofi A back once again with her tall curvaceous tanned lines of her body her gorgeous face love blues lovely large breasts sexy smile firm pear shaped ass nicely trimmed vagina :) I love this short but gorgeous latest set of hers~~Goncharov could'nt have picked a better setting to highlight Sofi with the crystal clear waters of the pool with the garden setting in the background with different use of the suns lighting !! I simply love the way she lays her long on the edge of the pool sideways facing backwards showing her vagina between the cleft of her firm round ass wet brown hair with a lovely close up of her in images #2-#3- As well as images # 4 to #10 sarting of with a gorgeous close up shot of Sofi's body slightlty arched her breasts lying flat against her chest her beaming face,smile to lying sideways in both secren sensual views of her body to her lying down with her legs spread wide open to sitting on the edge of the pool finishing off with a glorious view of Sofi legs totaly spread wide open with her back arched back her breasts riding high in the air with her wet hair cascading down her back basking in the sunshine a priceless shot of Sofi A in my view :( I simply love the way Goncharov photograph's Sofi A in images #15-#20 with her both lying on her back on the edge of the pool in both sensual and sexy expicite images of Sofi with her legs spread wide open but the large close up image of her sitting against the rocks highling her well tanned body backing basking in the sun light :( Just as her images the close up images of her leaning out of the pool in images #29-#30 their are some very lovely close ups shots of Sofi A magnifecent body firm ass of her gorgeous face and firm round derrier,large breasts of her both in and out of the pool in sensual and sexy poses and lovely rear end view of her her cute derrier but as a female i simply love image #44 with Sofi A's large breasts,nipples sticking out of the water with those Sofi you will never sink deep down in the water their are just natural floation devices no offence Sofi :) This short latest set in both senual and very sexy with Sofi A's magnificent body both her and Goncharov click well together very nicely Sofi A and Goncharov teamed up together this set is simlpy short but i would haved loved to have been longer never the less i totaly loved it :) :)

Nihil, you are absolutely right. Head of the table. I can't imagine a bad photograph of this incredible woman. Three of us have attempted comments so far, and we are all groping for superlatives. We always do. But I'll stop now. I won't mention the details of Sofi's beauty; I'll just sign off with a kiss in the middle of image 28.

"groping for superlatives" is such a good way of putting it, Sailor... for some women, the superlative has not yet been coined.
Sofi A is definitely one of those women!

It is always a joy to see another set featuring Sofi. She is supremely beautiful and profoundly sensual. Such a perfectly amazing womanly shape. Perfect, simply perfect.

It is always a delight to welcome Sofi back. Her exotic beauty entranced me the first time I saw her. She has such experience and confidence as a model, and I have never seen a set of hers that was anything less than wonderful.

I think Sofi probably sits on the throne at the head of the table in Sailor's pantheon of Ukrainian Goddesses.

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