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You are number #1 in my book wish you a long happy life.

My goddess, it is clear by all these comments I'm not the only one to fall from my beliefs, and worship her beauty.The world is going crazy for her, me included.

Need to keep reminding myself, don't judge a woman merely by her portrait.


Perfect girl, perfect set.

Gorgeous Sofi does it again..love this model..more of her please!!!:) Would love to spend a few nights with her...she has hottest body ever..curves that makes a man melt and her hotspot would feel like u are in heaven:) Sofi don't ever stop modeling..keep us fans happy:)

HAHAHA Seems I'm not alone copy cat, JK

Sasomi,my new favorite Sofi A series. Lying upside down with her breast under chin is a very sexy pose. Also very nice to see inside her pink parts. Top notch photography.

Any day that Sofi appears is a fantastic day!

This has to be one of my favorite sets of Sofi in recent history. Sofi herself is great and one of the signature models here, but something about this set clicked with me. Part of it may be that it is an indoor set this time.

The only thing I would ask of Goncharov to add next time is a different focal point for just one of those three photos in #63-65. A pity to be so close and not capture that beautiful open flower...

next time, shaved please Sofi!

Always lovely. But I hate this trend of not shaving. She looks much better with a clean trim!

Hi hatchet-Billy. I you have been following Sofi closely, she has major probltms with grooming namely Razor Burn

As always, you're killing me Sofi. Thanks for all of your photo sets. This one was just as awesome as all your others. Keep coming back as often as you can. You always make my day.

Thanks Goncharov for capturing Sofi beauty and all of those various poses.

Sofi A is simply gorgeous with this truely erotic set of hers :) It simply oozes with both sex appeal and eroticism as Sofi A in both elegant and sensual sexy striking poses upon her white lounge chair with both the soft lighting of the setting highlighting her amazing beautiful elegant curvaceous body very well :) I simply adored Sofi perched upon her lounge chair with her slender creamy white legs crossed together her white sheer see-thru transperent garment wrapped around her taunt body slender legs just revealing her gorgeous breasts large round areolas nipples underneath it with both a lovely sensual look upon her face draped across her thighs her magnificent large breasts within full view firmly erect as well as her small perky nipples :) her slender legs wide open her sheer white transperante garment just showing her hidden treasure underneath it until Sofi reveals her lovely vagina with the soft light casting a lovely glow highlighted her amazing body very well in images #57-#61 !! As well as those gorgeous close ups of her of her upper body beautiful face with a beaming with both of her gorgeous brown eyes sexy smile lovely breasts hidden well within Sofi's sheer white garment slowly revealing her breasts with her arm high above her head the other upon her hip with both her arms high above her head in sensual erotic poses in images #24-#26 priceless shots by Goncharov ;) Not to mention those magnificent views and close ups of Sofi's firm cute round tanned derriere with both her sheer white transperent garment draped along her body within both sensual and provocative poses :) As over her head within truely magnificent close ups in images #35-#36 both showing her firm round derriere muscular back long slender sexy legs muscular calf muscles ~~ One can't simply admire Sofi flexible poses lying backwards over the lounge chair her long brown brown hair cascading down upon the floor as well as resting upon the cushion of her chair in both serene provocative acrobatic poses with her legs wide open gently squeezing her breasts together to which i'm truely amazed these striking images !! Goncharov captured her beauty well within these magnificent photo's as usual within different views and angles within a glorious setting but i have to say that my favorite have to that my favorite photo's have to be those two gorgeous close ups of Sofi A sitting upon both her lounge chair and sheer see-through transperent garment both of her slender arms along the sides of her body facing backwards towards the window showing both her cute firm round tanned derriere muscular back catching a glimpse of her labia lips between her sweet cheeks of her derriere with both of her hands within her sheer see-thru transperent garment her long brown hair cascading down her shoulder upon her breast head tilted sideways within image #88 as well image #89 with her head arched back long brown hair flowing down her back the long tips well past her cute firm round derriere both her breast's and body glowing within the soft glow of the light through the curtains highlighting her magnificently :) Sofi A you are a truely a beautiful model/woman and Goncharov captured beautifully within this latest series as well as the last gorgeous outdoor series :) :)

I like your comments but try and break them up a little.Make a paragraph now and then even if grammatically correct they make things much easier to read.

Perfect bush trim.

Thanks, Sofi.

Sofi is gorgeous and has incredible breasts. I love her unshaven and wish she would grow her underarm hair as well.

Hi Markuslovsofi that is being concerned about a very attractive person. You do not want to see them in trouble, but some girls have to find out the hard way that the 5-10,000 thousand dollars for a movie instead of the 12- 1500 they get at Metart is not worth it in terms of what they give up.


Sofi is an incredible beauty, as usual.I particularly love her smile, a relaxed,cheerfull Sofi smile is a treat. Look at Cocoon "by Fenex starring Sofi in downtown Kiev, I think it is."(and never trust my spelling(I'm dyslexic,) and never trust my punctuation, as my comp sticks things where it wants to ,and I don't feel like paying an anointed priest of Bill Gates to fix it)I have given up on the photography, Goncharov seems to have run out of ideas for Sofi, but Sofi is one of the models who trust only one or, in her case two photog enough to work fully nude. As both K and myself pointed out, that is totally up to the model. Trust issues are what she and the photographer work out between themselves.I know I was a painter and photographer when I could see well enough, and used many nude models. That's the way it is.

I think the only idea you actually need in this case is "Give Sofi a chance to relax, and point the camera." Do that, and you've made the world a much better place.

Sofi is fascinating, and it warms the heart to see her. You wouldn't want to shift the focus too far from that. Full points to Goncharov for having the good taste to stay back and observe.

Sofi + Goncharov = 10! Always.

typing in the dark here, didn't mean to sound all old English..

This is another unsurprisingly great set of my favorite model Sofi A, from Goncharov. I say this a lot, but Sofi has always been the dream woman of my life. Likely to never to come true, and who's to know she's probably even married; but, such a beauty even just in her face and eyes that has somehow touched my heart. Maybe that's just fantasy. Do please forgive me, sometimes I feel jealously when I read other comments :), or see a ring already on her finger. AS LONG AS SHES HAPPY. If only one day I can find someone like her. She has so many qualities I have grown attraction to in my life.

Dear MarkusluvSofi as a female don't you worry too much about the other comments as they are all lovely compliments towards Sofi A and there's nothing to apologise for after all we are just human full of different emotions at least you truely show your inner feelings towards Sofi :) and don't worry too much you will find the love of your life one day :) My heart goes out to you as i know how you feel !! My kindess regards from Australia :) :)

thanks for the comment, I do think a lot of us have many different opinions on ideas of love, I guess I've just been going about it the wrong way for to long. I know I'll find a true love one day.

MarkusluvSofi, you don't need to apologize. Your comment shows genuine and true emotion toward a woman you are attracted to.
I'll go as far as saying if Sofi read your comment she's probably quite moved by the sincerity of your feelings towards her and the kindness you display by wishing nothing but happiness to her in life.

Wanting happiness for another is never a bad thing:)

I'm also "sorry", but I think if she's read any of this, she's most likely laughing her ass off!!

snd if she is laughing, I'd be honored to be the one to make her laugh ;D even if it is at me.

oh yeah me too I'm sure of it. In fact I think i even hinted that once when I left one of her webcams in the past LOL. but we all can be fools for fantasy love, that's why we're here, no lie. I'm sorry, but for anyone to say your here just for the fact that its a form of nude art, it's really more than that. Your really hear to fantasies about being with her, don't hide it.

I'm not the first to fall so deep in fantasy with her either, it has been clear.
I just hope thee partner husband she is/will be with will see her for much more than just her physical beauty.

With a woman like Sofi standing by him, a man could move mountains and conquer the world. The man who captures Sofi's heart will be most fortunate.

Ex-wife looking good !!!!

Or maybe you're telling the truth, and she is not the kind, pure, amazing woman I so often have fantasized about. One thing is for sure, I would find it difficult to want to marry a woman who chooses to continue modeling fully intimate content to the world. Based on all the comments I read and my own. But, that's just me... At least it's not sex porn, and I fear the idea of Sofi in that. She has always been seen as a pure nude woman to me.

I hope your kidding, who would divorce such an amazing woman.

Kidding or not, who would STAY married to such a woman if she has the personality of a Kardashian!? And who among us KNOWS what Sofi's personality is??? ;o)

Don't know her personality, other than her little bits from the Cocoon video. Otherwise, it would be interesting to find out hehe

MarkusluvSofi, johnboy1 probably means his ex-wife looks similar to Sofi.

Wow - sexy Sofi. What a body, what a babe...

I love Sofi, she has been a favorite of mine for years and still looks just as gorgeous as the very first time I laid eyes on her. I have always been quite partial to full-bodied women and she is simply superb! This is a fantastic set by Goncharov with great lighting, a simple yet lovely setting and a wonderfully erotic array of poses from Sofi. 10 out of 10! I am a very happy girl today! :-)

Well said Alyssa! All lovers of full-bodied women will probably agree.

Sofi is truly a beautiful woman and a great model.

I was kind of underwhelmed by her previous set that was kind of a teas but this one is pure win.

Merry Christmas to me, me, me. This is the cutest, most sexually explosive, delicious woman on MetArt and has been from her very first pictorial shoot. My eyes love looking at you Sofi A !

I'm not attracted to women prosperous.
But Sofi is the goddess of Abundance and we are happy every time she shows off her naked treasures.

Just curious, gaetano... when you say "prosperous" do you mean "voluptuous" ?
In American English "prosperous" does not mean full bodied, "voluptuous" does.
( :

Goncharov great master of elegance and eroticism.

It has been, and will be, said many times; Sofi is a beautiful woman, her breasts are superb, her derriere is very nice, and her vulva is great! What is not said so often is she has great pubes when she chooses, thanks for that.

Think about this in relation to Jeff Milton. Sofi was 19 when she was first shot in the fall of 2008. Which means Jeff was 13 when Sofi started. I hope they both are still here five years from now!

Amen to that!

5 and more 5 .... and more 5.

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