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Why do I always have to think of sex when I see Sofi A in the nude?

Let's see: 80% rock, 10% sky, 9.9% water - that leaves .... forget it. The model could have stayed home that day and the photographer wouldn't even have noticed.

Sofi is a magnificent woman. But oh for stockings, garter belt once in a while. And please can we have the pubic hair back?

I hardly ever make a comment here and I'm sure this will not be well received. First, I love this girl and her beautiful body. That is a given. The problem I have is not so much her, unless her attire or lack of it is her idea, but with the photographers that work with her. Most of her sets are the same...nude, barefoot, maybe some thigh high hose sometimes. I have never seen her in some nice sexy heels, lingerie, make up, or even the classic little black dress and strip tease. I just feel that her potential is being wasted by "picture takers" with little imagination or appreciation for her potential. I've been in the profession for over 30 years so I do have some credibility in my suggestion...not criticism.

You are right. She is stunning, the reason why I joined this site. It would be wonderful though to see her a little different. Imagine her beautiful breasts in a tight shirt. Maybe that's just me, but I sometimes find it more erotic to see a woman in a beautiful dress or underwear than just having her naked.

Check out her older sets, gentlemen... there is at least one (I think two) in tutu... then there are some vids in various miniskirts/demiskirts... there is variety there, but you have to go fairly far back in her sets.

A great photoset, thanks to Sofi (and Goncharov...)!

Goodness, this little lady was born with the abilities - 3 of them - to earn a good living. Her two breasts are magnificent but her money maker is second to none.

Ummm don't get me wrong love Sofi but I wish to see her in a new bedroom set..loved her old set when she had the fuzzy slippers..and it looked like Sofi was uncomfortable on this shoot.

Wow! I am running out of superlatives for this stunning woman! She is a true Met-Art gem. She looks absolutely ravishing in these photos and makes you hope even for a moment you could be with her. The thought is enough to send me giddy - those breasts are just to die for. She is Queen of this site - long may she reign.

USDA Choice!

I prefer Sofi unshaven but this is a nice set.

This is VERY good! Goncharov can be a creative photog when he tries. The classic pose of girl/rocks is a classic because its so good, and can be used for about any model. Goncharov has exploited Sofi's loveliness perfectly.I hope Sofi does NOT come back to Met-Cams, when she starts forcing herself to laugh and smile, She looks bad, besause relaxed Sofi smiles are tops.She is still working a grooming method that works for her,she gets razor burn very severly. Sofi and Goncharov both get 10+++

I forgot to point out that Sofi's diet of salad and cheesecake does wonders, salad for her waistline and cheesecake for her other (ahem) assets as in shot 106

I also forgot that Goncharov does use rocks. Check out "The Old Tower "by Goncharov.It's in the archives, just pass the third rat on the left.

"third rat on the left" !

For the most beautiful tits, the Oscar goes to Sofi!☺☺☺

Image 107 - 111, that is my biggest fantasy of her and me right now.

I must admit though, when it comes to Sofi, missionary position or her on top is the true thing I dream of, lost within the beauty of her eyes against the smooth warm softness of her body.

Sofi A is a true Siren in this set, and I'm blindly being drawn into her trap :D. A beauty that few eyes can escape.

LOVE, Love, love, this new set of Sofi A from the first image. I adore her face, and every curve of her body. Excellent first image to show off what Sofi A's beauty is all about, well except for the amazing rear side too. Love seeing that long beautiful hair reach her butt. Image 1 has become my instant desktop wallpaper. And she is in Nature, which is even better. Some may disagree, saying this is a wasted session, but the outdoors in the wild is the most stunning place to capture the beauty of a woman. It's not always about the location either, its about the contrast of the environments against the model. The sharp, jagged, hard, cliff against Sofi As, soft curvy voluptuous body.

Another wasted session with a stunningly beautiful model.

I'm going to say this one more time : I don't give a shit about beautiful landscapes, rock formations or plush surroundings.

If I wanted that crap, I would subscribe to National Geographic.

I subscribe to Met-Art to see beautiful naked females.


End of story !

Goncharov i dont mind if the rocks are the background but when the rocks are 80% of the pic ???????
im giving it a 3

I was taken by Sofi's beauty and her tits are, as pointed out, stellar- how could you not be impressed by them? I understand saying I'm here to see the women, period, but for many of us, the setting CAN enhance the shoot. Sometimes it detracts, in which case a polite comment to that effect can be useful to the photographer and to MetArt staff.

In this particular case, the rock setting IS interesting in my opinion, but since there are no close-up shots, the setting is forced to carry the day. The photographers would do well to keep this in mind. All us horny viewers have different interests and tastes, so it makes sense to vary the theme a little bit, and this goes for focusing too. Do it both ways, and you'll get a lot more happy viewers. My two cents...

that 1 thumb up was an accidental slip of the mouse, sorry bud ;)

A beutiful Girl with a Draeam Landscape=perfect Frame:-) Happy 2014 to Sofi and Goncharov... Kisses Sofi:-):-):-)

Surely made my day that's for sure seeing Sofia again :) She does paint a lovely picture perched up high amongst the granite cliff face in both serene sensual sexy poses but what really tickled my fancy are images #47 to 51 as well #84 to #89 with Sofi's slender body those magnificent breasts fully stretched out along the rock with her lond brown with the tips showing of reddish/blonde flowing with the oceans breeze not to forget those glorious shot of Sofi lying near the foreshore of the ocean in images #112 to #117 :)She is simply adorable to see within her series :) A 10 fo both Sofi A and Goncharov for another magnificent series and please do drop in more often i think we all love to see more of you both within Met-Art :)

Just perfect as usual Sofi.. will you be coming back to Metcam? I miss our little chats!

Ive had the privilege of at least 2 long chats with her in the past, Ever since, I've been insanely hooked on her beauty.

yep me too, I love seeing her face light up when you tell her something funny...sigh...
I always made sure I had a couple of jokes ready to tell her!

Completely stunning as ever.....off to the seaside again for my hols this year!

Happy days are here again. Sofi is back. What a woman. Sofi, thanks so much for all your displays so far. I look forward to many more. You are exceptional. Happy New Year! :)

Breathtaking woman. Breathtaking set.

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