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Ah the sweet, sexy Sofi is back just as gorgeous as ever.

I have a creative side. So, I had to do something about the setting for my personal wallpaper. I took one of the close portraits with Sofi's wind blown hair, and edited out the background. Instead I added a more appropriate scenic mountain landscape with green hills. It worked out perfectly. Had to add more blue to her eyes too, because I have seen them with more color than what is in this set.

Magnificent mammeries!

I can never get enough of Sofi and her awesome breasts.

I agree, but don't forget her awesome bottom. Specially when she bends over.

Magic Sofi...

Shaved (best) or not shaved. but not trimmed.
The landing strip (alias Hitler mustache) is supremely ugly thing.

I disagree - There is not a damn thing about Sofi that is ugly.

Agreed 100%, Kilroy.

Sofi A is as usual totally perfect. Goncharov has given a few shots that are original in pose, but overall he is concentrating on the contrast in textures. This is obviously outtakes from Fenix's movie "Enfoque " which she did I think, last year. It is the same roof, and ladder. Since Sofi is not comfortable with anyone but Goncharov or Fenix, this is not supprising.I gave Sofi a 10++++, even though I would like to see her try Rylsky or Erro, any photog that has new ideas.

P.S. I forgot Flora and Arturo. Ehey have been doing some wonderful up dates on Candace B, who appears as Felicity on Errotica Archives

A perfect photoset! Beautiful Sofi!!

A mismatch of marvelous munificence with a sublime series more suitable for sleek.

I can't quite figure how that sweet little thing walks around with those things, gotta be killing her back!!

Not really toe first is the natural way to walk.The few remaining native tribes left in the world walk this way as did the Native Americans.

Toe walking is also very good for your core muscles so for a person in very good shape like Sofi it is actually an exercise I am willing to bet that she has zero back pain.

Pure perfection. Sofi is MetArt Gold! This girl has it all. Brightens up even the dullest day. 10 always.

Could someone explain how this rating system works , Sofie is one of the top models if not the top model here , She was number one for quite a while in the top 10 even longer , I remember the day her first shoot was published , everyones jaw dropped to the ground , She is still the natural beauty as day one , why is she not even in top 100 ?

I agree. I thought it was just me. I notice that the new top 10 don't even make my downloads.

You are right. Two years ago the top ten list was somewhat believable - but now? Why did models like Anna AJ and Sofi disappear? It is very strange... Anyhow, nobody will ever reach Sofi's beauty and fizzing sex appeal. She will be my number one forever.

Don't know. Last year I noticed the ratings of a couple of my favorite model plummet suddenly. These were models that were always in the top 10 (or top 20 at the worst). I would like an explanation as well!

I have heard that MA revised their ratings/ranking system approximately a year ago.
From the way that old favorites' rankings precipitously declined, I assume that they weighted the ratings in such a way that a new model would not automatically be relegated a lower rating simply because of having fewer sets than a "veteran" model who'd been around several years with many sets.

Sofi A's true powerful beauty is expressed in this wonderful photoshoot.
I love the poses, and the angles, and how the wind blows her hair.

I saw a video too where she was with another beautiful girl Dana, but I'm glad it's just focusing on Sofi in this set. It's a lot more personal that way.

Woah, dude...those shots of Sofi on the ladder....OH MA DAAYYUMMMM!!!

My oh my, Sofi is incredible! I am happily in lust.

Sexy Sofi rides again

What a body, what a babe.....

What a body...as good as it gets.

I do like Mondays...

At least any Monday or any day when the lovely Sofi appears here...

And the other girls today are wonderful too.

Thanks to all involved :)

Sofi is just plain perfect. Little else need be said. Perfect, absolutely perfect. Let us all hope that Sofi and all the other people of Ukraine remain safe and the crisis is quickly resolved.

I'm pretty DISAPPOINTED with the LACK of PUSSY SPREADS.. gluing Pussy Lips Together is GAY

Haven't really noticed this as a common hobby of confirmed bachelors.

Exciting! Extremely exciting! And I'm crazy especially about the pictures ## 61, 62 & 122 - 128.

Finally a photographer that didn't cut off the legs by shooting this poses in portrait format!!!

Sofi's wind tossed hair, wrinkled areolae, amazing breasts, and lovely labia when seen unobstructed DO cause crazy (good crazy if there is such a thing).

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