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I usually prefer her outdoor series, but love to see her in black in a beautifully toned and sunny indoors. Something about my Dutch blood craves being close to this kind of woman. I need a woman like this, it's driving me crazy.

just to even feel her un-nude body close to mine, and gaze into the beauty of her smiling face.

This is really an extraordinary series! Each and every picture is so good, and all the pictures are new and innovating. There are no tedious repetitions at all. And all this in such a very simple (albeit beautiful) setting! Sofi A's body has never been as expressive, and her face as well --and she often smiles so beautifully. I suppose -I don't know- both Sofi A and Goncharov are to be highly congratulated here. This has become one of my favorite all times series. Deserves a 10+ rating. Thank you so much Goncharov and Sofi A for bringing us real beauty (in this drab world). Bravo!

Bliss ...

In a word.....Incredible!!!

True goddess..my name says it all..keep it up Sofi A..she is a top model in my book..P.S. Sofi..if u are seeing this message I still keep a blow up poster of u in my room:)

No matter the type of lingerie nor the color, Sofi's superb butt cheeks must surely be a shining example of following the rumored "rule of thongs".

Ex-wife looking good.

I am not a fan of the girls with big tits...except Sofi. She is just a remarkable woman.

Best set of Sofi in many months. She really is a beautiful girl...I wish I could get past those EEE's... At least she "mowed the lawn"! ;o) Nice, if not a bit odd set. Might just be a keeper! Unlike some other members, I LOVE the outfit....gloves didn't bother me a bit...too busy eyeballing Sofi's gorgeous bottom! YUMYUM

If you think those are triple-Es, you need to give your glasses or display screen a good cleaning. ;-)

It was a "different" set for Sofi, aside from being the best one of her in a while like you say. I plan on keeping this one.

The gloves are heavy handed.

Since we have a one piece, it was not possible to lose panties prematurely. And the back is well shown with flattering effect. Too bad there wasn't maybe a bit more fabric to work with.

Our model has seldom looked better. She has, however, looked more comfortable than being upside down on stone stairs.

Finally a photo set where most of the photos are all in focus. #7, wow, that really makes her ass look awesome. And just to name a few more, #68, #72, #75, #80 and #92, hot damn Sofi you really knows how to spread those lovely legs! (#72 my favorite, #69 & #74 will get me in trouble).
Looking fabulous Sofi, nice job Goncharov. This set's a keeper.

Hah! You forgot shot 84!

Sofi you are so beautiful you don't need Black Patent Leather Gloves. Thank-you for finally taking them off.

Sofi is absolutely stunning. Always. Enough said.


Sofi always gets a 10 in my book. Always.

I agree with swplf2. I could not say it better. Sofi is awesome in every way.

Sofi...one of my favorites of all time...those breasts...those long legs...image 77...speechless

Wow! I always love seeing Sofi's ballet training and I specially loved seeing her leotard slide off. I bet she was the cutest girl in ballet class.(before she gave birth to the girls, that is. Big girls are not in fashion in dance these days.)The only thing I didn't like was the gloves,so I ignored them and just drooled over Sofi. Sofi gets her 10++++

It was a while before I even noticed the gloves.

I you want to see Sofi smile check out "Hermitias" by Goncharov. she is wearing a white mesh leotard, and can't ride the horse to save her life, but who cares.She is hot as ever, and smilts more than any other shoot I can remember.(be warned,she's having grooming probs again in this shoot, only groomed on the left side)

Hi again I'm adding this 5/22 as I forgot that for those interested Sofi does dance in "Meditation" by Fenex. you can see what a ballet dancer she was until she got too big(Not fashionable)

Two things I didn't like: the mesh bodysuit (I don't know why, mesh just is the opposite of a turn-on for me) and the black gloves. I think I "get" that Goncharov was "carrying over" the black theme from the mesh to the gloves, but neither did anything for me.
On the other hand, we have Sofi's absolutely stunning smile, which we got more of in this set than we usually do. That is an absolute plus. And the rest of her ain't bad neither... ( :

Sofi A looks great in black, and what a sexy costume she is wearing in this set. Her hair has also always been an icon of her beauty, and obviously her angelic face. A woman walked in my office in front of a fan yesterday (hair blowing), and I swear I saw Sofi A for a second. Was laughing hysterically after she left.
Imagining her spin, belly dance, is always a vision in my mind. I love to see her Goddess like beauty in motion, and most of all seeing into the beauty of her eyes. Sofi A you are amazing...

Ukrainian Goddess Sofi:-) Miau...

Sofi is absolutely beautiful, 100% perfectly genuine womanly sex appeal. She is among those models that are the face of MetArt. We have seen so many beautiful photos of Sofi. Always perfect.

Wonderful sexy set of this stunning woman

Can't get enough of Sofi - she really is the complete package..

Sofi is just gorgeous! I love her pretty eyes, her beautiful boobs, and well, everything else about her too!

Sofi has been around for almost 6 years now and still delivers. Check out her personal vote total over 10,000 votes. That is over 2000 more than APF.
She was a Top Tenner from her beginning for over three years. If they ever do a HOF she has to be in the first class. I for one will never get tired of viewing her....

Fantastic, Perfect, All woman, Great breasts, - a bit too trimmed...

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